How to Sell Your Junk Car with No Title

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Being a car owner means that you have one more child to take care of. At least, most of the people that possess a car in their garage consider it in that way. There is always something that we would want to change, fix, or improve.

After only a month or two, we become emotionally connected to our vehicle. Driving it for years means that our car is not just a vehicle that will help us arrive faster from one place to another. It has a sentimental value and it is hard for the owner to get rid of it. However, this moment will have to come sooner or later.

There is no reason to keep your junk car into your garage or backyard. You are not driving it anyway, right? Most people do not know that there are different ways of how they can sell their junk car. However, the problem becomes more complex if your junk car is with no title. Well, finding a buyer under these conditions becomes more complex.

What Does It Mean to Have a Car with No Title?

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Let’s imagine that you are selling your vehicle to another person. Logically, that person would want to know if everything around that car is legal. This means that you need to prove that you are a legal owner of the vehicle. Well, proving that is only possible with a car title.

There is one good reason why buyers are careful about this. They will purchase the vehicle from you and give you their money. Yet, what if the car you are selling is stolen? It is something that your potential buyer can’t know. If the true owner of the vehicle comes, he has the right to claim ownership even if a person paid for it.
We completely believe that you are honest. However, it is hard to believe that a potential buyer would take that sort of risk.

Different Types of Car Titles

This might be useful pieces of information for each driver. For instance, let’s imagine that a vehicle has never been part of the accident. Well, that type of car is going to have a clean title. However, if the car is damaged badly in a car accident, that vehicle is going to have a salvage title. In other words, this means that a vehicle is not worth repairing.

The third type of title is probably the most important to potential buyers. Let’s say that you were the part of a car accident that was not so damaging for your vehicle. Logically, you would want to replace current car parts to improve your vehicle. Well, in that case, your car will get a rebuilt or reconstructed title. This will give the buyer a clear picture of the quality of the car. He can potentially predict which investments he has to make in the future. That piece of information will tell him which price he can offer.

Finally, what if your junk car is also untitled? Well, in that case, you should consider obtaining a “bonded” title. Yes, this is a regular title that protects you and the previous owner as well. If between three and five years pass without any title problems, in that case, the car owner gets the right to apply for a clean title.

Different Laws in the Different States

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This is another reason that you would have to know. Believe it or not, some state laws in the US will not require car titles for cars over a certain age. New Your is probably the best example of that. Let’s say that you live there and that you possess a junk car that is more than 20 years old. Well, in that case, the two things you need to register a non-titled car. The buyer needs the last owner’s registration, a Bill of Sale Form H-31, or Supplemental Assignment of Ownership Form Q-1. The handwritten bill is also acceptable if it describers important elements. This includes things like the sale price, the date when the purchasing is completed, the contact information of both sides, etc.

Driver’s License Can Be Helpful

In some cases, proof of vehicle ownership can come in different shapes. For instance, we are sure that you have a driver’s license. Together with old vehicle registration, you can prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. However, you might be an older person that stopped driving many years ago. Well, in that case, a state ID or passport with an old vehicle registration will be enough.

Bonus Tip: How to Sell Junk Car with Title?

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Well, let’s imagine that every paper that you need to have is somewhere in a drawer. Selling a junk car, in that case, is easier. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely easy. Finding a person that is going to buy a junk car is tough. Everyone would want to buy a car that does not require a lot of additional investments. Even if you manage to do that, you will have to reduce the price a lot.

You can sell it to different companies, but will they pay you off in cash? As we said in the beginning, people are emotionally connected to their old cars. If they decide on getting rid of them, that means there is a good reason for that. In most cases, those car owners are having a problem with a lack of money. There are two options that you can choose between.

Your junk car probably has some car parts that functioning correctly. You can sell those car parts for cash. Finding those parts on the market is tough and many shops would accept to purchase them. Logically, you will have to check their functionality. However, keep in mind that you won’t have the chance to earn a fortune.

The second option that you have is to contact companies that purchase junk cars. You will find a lot of them online, but not all of them are offering equally good service. It is important to contact those that won’t bring you any additional fees.

Some of them will come to your place to pick up the vehicle for free. Your only task would be to sign the title over to their company. Research the market carefully and see which one would give you the best offer. If you want to find a company like that, we recommend you click here.