6 Secrets Of The Perfect Grill Party

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Finally, the long-awaited barbecue season has arrived! If you are one of those who loves to have picnics with a barbecue, grill or barbecue, you will be interested to know how to organize the perfect BBQ party. What does it take to organize the best grill party in the world? Here are 6 secrets that will help you become a real BBQ master!

1. Prepare everything in advance

The day before the event, check the condition of your gas bbq grill. Clean it thoroughly so as not to waste precious time on the day of the party. If possible, buy all the necessary picnic products a few hours before the arrival of the guests. So you can cook really fresh and delicious dishes that your guests will simply be delighted with.

When you plan to organize a picnic in your yard (be it a front garden, a terrace, a cottage by the sea, or any other place), you need to first prepare outdoor furniture and garden benches to be sure that there is enough space for all guests. Think about swimming pool furniture, and beach umbrellas in case the weather is expected to be hot.

2. Don’t forget to add vegetables

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For many of us, barbecue is spicy chicken wings, grilled hot dogs, huge T-bone steaks, delicious pork ribs, and fatty burgers, right? Of course! But who said that a great barbecue should necessarily consist of only one meat? Firstly, there may be vegetarians among your guests.

So that they do not stay away, it is necessary to carefully think over the menu for them, do you agree? Secondly, vegetables help to make a festive meal richer and more diverse, and fatty meat dishes are a little healthier. Pepper, mushrooms, and onions are good. Any vegetables are suitable, as long as they are to your liking and your guests.

3. Don’t try to impress

Imagine the following picture. Your guests are sitting outdoors, they have nothing to do but wait for food, so all eyes are on you. To brighten up the wait and entertain the guests, you decide to demonstrate your skill in cooking barbecue. You constantly turn a large steak to one side, then to the other, and throw it into the air several times, trying to amuse people in this way.

Showing off in front of guests, you risk distraction and overdrying or, conversely, not roasting the meat! Such a show can lead to the fact that the taste of meat will deteriorate greatly (it will lose juiciness and become dry), so stay focused on the grill, and it’s better to entertain guests with conversations.

4. Always keep a bottle of water handy

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Overall, there aren’t many things that can ruin a grill party. The worst thing that can happen at a picnic is if you hopelessly over-dry or even burn the meat. This will greatly spoil the mood for you and your guests. That’s why it’s good to keep a bottle of water handy and spray water on the meat from time to time during cooking. This allows you to avoid drying out, making the kebab really soft and juicy!

5. Take into account the wishes of the guests

As you know, different types of meat require different temperatures. This is especially important to remember when cooking beef, as well as chicken, pork, veal, or fish. Ask your guests what degree of roasting they like the most. Perhaps one likes crispy pieces of meat, while the other likes a softer, juicy kebab. If it is difficult for you to determine the correct temperature, use a special thermometer for cooking meat dishes.

6. The grill does not like haste

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One of the most important points in cooking meat (regardless of how it is cooked: boiled, fried, or grilled) is to leave it for a while after it has been removed from the fire. After you have removed the meat from the grill, let it rest for a few minutes so that the juices inside it can cool down and evenly distribute throughout the piece. Even if your guests are dying of hunger, you should not immediately serve a meat kebab to the table. They may start to be indignant, but as soon as they taste this delicious rested barbecue, they will be very grateful to you.

A barbecue party is a great occasion to gather the whole family or invite friends to relax outdoors. Take advantage of our ideas and arrange a memorable holiday!