9 Ways to Save your Time and Money on Pool Maintenance

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As we all know, having a pool requires a lot of time and care, as well as proper maintenance. A pool is time-consuming and very tricky (yet so fun) to own. Maintaining your investment takes daily effort during pool season, but with some practical tips and tricks, you can speed up the process and commit to it differently. You can also save a bit of money with the right tools and approach. Keep on reading to understand the best ways on how you can maintain it.

1. You can add chlorine after dark

Did you know that heavy sun exposure can actually make a lot of impact on your pool and the chemicals that are in it? UV or sun exposure can weaken the efficiency of chemicals you add to the pool. This means that you will be spending a lot more money on chemicals, constantly reapplying and adding them back in. This is why you should wait till night to do this process (this especially applies to sunnier areas). Wait till 7 PM and do the upkeep once everyone is out of water.

2. Test pool water

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Regularly testing your water is something that we all tend to do. This is why it’s better to make small adjustments little by little than it is to do big repairs once a year when a professional brings in all the heavy-duty equipment and marks up his price. You should be active around and in regards to your pool 2x a week and especially after heavy rain if you wish to avoid sky-high receipts. Test the water and see what approach you need to have according to the book or manual.

3. Clean your tiles with vinegar

Such a practical yet super-affordable item that you can use for your pool and its maintenance. You also probably have it in your kitchen, right? Well, no reason to run to the store, but get to cleaning! Did you know that vinegar can remove calcium deposits that cling to your pool tiles? You will mostly and often spot these just above your water line. All you should do is add a little bit of white vinegar onto a soft cloth. Clean the part of your pool and your tile by buffing it in, and see how it magically disappears.

4. You can go for vitamin tablets

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Have you noticed some type of stains that are too persistent to remove and get off? A dark-brown or green stain is usually there due to excessive metal exposure (this can mostly be by a hair tie or a hair clip that you forgot and has ended up falling in there). If you have Vitamin C pills you can scrub the area with them or simply throw them in and let them do the job for you. They will dissolve the stain and help your pool look as fresh and as new.

5 . Do you own a tennis ball?

You will be needing a tennis ball. Not just for your outdoor activities (if you are lucky enough to have a court), but also for your maintenance. By throwing in a tennis ball in your pool you will allow it to soak in any impurities or oils that have gathered over time. This ball will soak in any oils and will help with a stain-free and clean environment. It is such a cool little trick that you can redo every time, but especially after someone has soaked themselves in with body oil or SPF spray.

6. Let your pump run for most of the day

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Some inexperienced and newbie pool owners mistakenly believe that not running the pump will save them money and that it will, somehow, be good for them in the long run. The truth is that you should leave it on for the day. Although it may make an impact on your electricity bill, the pump will save you so much time and effort when it comes to dealing with algae, mud, debris, or muck. Leave it on for 7-9 hours and it will do its job. You will get the hang of this trick and see how big of a difference it can make.

7. Get a cover

Covering your pool can help you extend its life + it is such a practical move and tool to do or make. A cover will help and prevent your water from evaporating + you won’t need to top off the pool as frequently. This item will keep your heat in without getting external factors to come into play, such as debris, leaves, or mud. Not having to clean it up every 5 days is such a lifesaver once you have a cover!

8. Don’t neglect it during winter

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When opened in the spring, your pool may look like a black lagoon, and you will regret not paying attention to it sooner. People often tend to neglect it and let it all ‘self-maintain’ during colder days. The truth is, just going for a pool cover pump can make all the difference! Every time it rains or the snow melts, tend to your pool and get that water off the cover. Clean out any debris as well, and work little by little every week instead of having to clean it all up at once.

9. Get yourself a little robot helper

Do you own or have you ever owned an electric robot? Did you know that nowadays you can use these little units to clean an entire swimming pool?! If you truly want to save your time, check out mulkearlife.com. On there you can read reviews on 5 different kinds of robotic cleaners and get yourself one that is suitable for your pool! Every pool cleaning robot comes with an extension cord that has to fit your space. Pool robots can run daily and in heavy use. Find the one that suits you asap!