Intramural Sports Guide

Intramural Sports Guide.

Were you an athlete in high school? Looking to get some exercise but find the gym too boring? Why not try intramural sports. These are organized sports that give you the chance to get some exercise, have fun with your friends, and engage in a bit of competition. Here’s everything you need to know before diving in.

Find your sports.

Most colleges offer a wide variety of sports (generally the larger the school the more sports offered). These generally include team sports such as basketball, softball, dodge ball, etc. but can include individual sports as well such as ping pong and racquetball. Check out your school’s intramural website to see which sports they offer and when. The most popular sports will probably be offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters, but some may only take place only once a year.

Schedule & Registration

Check whether the sport you are interested in is a one day or weekend event or if it has a “season” that takes place over the course of the semester. Be sure to check the registration date as well (this is usually a few weeks before the event or season starts). Look out for other important dates like a captains or rules meeting. Many schools have a website or even an app for registration and the schedule of events to help you keep everything straight.

Make a team

Now its time to call up your friends and start filling your roster. Think about whether your main goal is to win or to have fun at this stage, as that will affect who you ask. If you are having a hard time finding enough people or are an individual looking for a team see if your school has a “free agent” program. This matches individuals with teams who need a few extra players so that everyone gets the chance to be on a team.

Rules & Safety

Rules may not be fun but they are an important part of intramural sports. The referees are there to enforce the rules but also to make sure that everyone is safe. Make sure you and your team know about the rules ahead of time, as not complying may mean not being able to play. Injuries are not common but may happen. Intensity is good but make sure that you won’t injure yourself or others along the way.

Give it your best

So, its game day! As the adrenaline rushes through your veins, make sure to enjoy the moment while you can. The goal should not only be winning but also enjoying the overall process and networking with potential allies. You can end up finding a workout buddy that may motivate you to go to the gym daily.

Whether you wanted some competition, a taste of the sports you used to play, or just something to do on Sunday afternoons, don’t forget the most important thing is to have fun!

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