Reasons Why You Have to Use a VPN


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN masks your Internet Protocol (IP) address, creating a private connection. Using a VPN provides you with the advantage of privacy and anonymity.

An average person nowadays considers the internet a necessity. Hence, connecting to any Wi-Fi connection that has internet. However, an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, like public Wi-Fi, means potential exposure of personal information to third parties. A person with malicious, or moreover criminal, intentions.

One’s browsing history, address, IP address, location, and overall internet activity are exposed and can be stolen when connected to a private network. With this information, identity theft can definitely be committed by cybercriminals. A VPN can be considered a solution to these criminal activities, as it protects the user by creating an encrypted tunnel for all your data that cannot be accessed by a third party.

Aside from cybercriminals that can access your data, a virtual network can also protect you from hackers and malware. Using a virtual network creates an illusion that masks your data as if it’s not coming from your device. Allowing a safe browsing experience.

Reasons to Use A VPN


Bypass Location Restrictions

Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max have regional restrictions. Meaning, that some content from other countries is not available for you to stream when you’re in a different location or country. Shows or movies such as Friday Night Lights, Legally Blonde, and The Machinist, to name a few, are only available on US Netflix. On the other hand, Disney+ and HBO Max aren’t even available to access in some parts of the globe. Using a VPN eliminates all these restrictions, and one can easily access any content across the globe, even if they’re region locked.

Online Banking Security

Online banking apps tend to already have the security measures to protect your data from malicious activity. Your bank is required to protect your information at all costs but checking your internet connection isn’t specifically one of their jobs. Getting a virtual network can double down on your online banking security and leaves you free from worry in terms of your sweet sweet money.


VPN services are not only limited to business-related devices. Many virtual networks can also protect other devices such as phones, tablets, and obviously desktop computers. Some providers even offer bundle packages that can cover several devices to keep all your data protected in all your devices.


There are several businesses that offer different prices on different locations, acquiring a virtual network can help with location spoofing capabilities. A few examples of these are subscription services and airline tickets. Cheaper prices can be obtainable through changing locations to where the prices are offered cheaper and if you’re willing to put in the research, then big savings awaits you. Check out 22 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London on Slingo. if you find yourself wanting to go on a vacation.


Defeat Censorship

There are certain countries that prevent their citizens from accessing certain websites or apps. Some countries have blocked certain apps to be accessed, and even censored political media. Some VPN providers are also blocked in certain countries, but there are a select few that still can be accessed. If you are in one of these countries and do not want the feeling of being restricted and want your freedom in browsing any site on the internet. Getting a virtual network would be one of the best options for you.

Gaming Speed

Certain games, especially MMORPG games have certain servers that are faster in other locations or countries. A VPN can disguise your location and connect to other servers. Also, there’s a very strong chance that internet service providers are changing certain speeds because of online gaming data.

Private and Secure Video Chat

Cybercriminals and hackers can steal and record footage from private conversations when connected to a connection that is not secured. When dealing with highly secure conversations, consider using a virtual network, to avoid leakage or private data and conversations.

Which VPN do I Choose?


Companies that supply VPN services have different business models and added features. The VPN that one should choose is the service that would be able to supply the needs of the user. Different circumstances call for different features. There are some providers that do not charge fees, however, there is some trade-off to these kinds of services.

Everything has a cost and this results in some VPN providers having excessive advertising on their platforms, which can be annoying, and sometimes opt the user to agree to a prompt that lets the provider gather and sell the user’s data to third-party companies such as data brokers and/or marketers. This defeats the purpose of privacy and security in the first place.

The best VPNs in the market are 100% secure, most of the time, these secure VPN services are also those that have a premium fee or a subscription fee.

Each provider can differ on which servers to connect to, which countries it can spoof the location on, and how much time a user can spend on each server. It is also important to check the VPN’s capabilities such as full control over proxies, IP Addresses, encryption methods, and of course, Privacy Policies and Jurisdiction. There are also some VPNs that do not have the capability to torrent files and sometimes even cut down speed. Another important thing is to check whether the VPN you chose is not blocked by popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max.

In choosing which one is the most tailor-fit to a user’s needs, make sure to review each feature the provider offers for the user to have a secure, seamless, and problem-free browsing experience.


One person’s private data is very important. In some circumstances, it can mean life and death. A virtual network is beyond protecting your private data, it can surpass censorship, protect you and your devices from malware, and just overall shield in everything you do online. So if you need data to be protected, consider getting a VPN.