5 Ranch Style Decoration Ideas to Update Your Living Room

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Ranch style of living typically consists of single-story houses with large open spaces. They are great for those who love living the rustic way of life. There are wide varieties of ranch-type of houses; those in California have a Spanish feel, while there are others that reflect a fairy tale like-life and are known as storybook ranch houses.

What Defines A Ranch Style House

Although there can be wide varieties of ranch houses, all of these share a few common characteristics. All ranch houses have large open spaces; they have a naturalistic and earthy feel. So if you are planning on getting a new ranch-style home or if you wish to redecorate your existing ranch house, you can check out rustic recliners and classic high chairs for your home.

Some Decoration Ideas That You Need To Give Your Living Room The Rustic Ranch-Like Feel

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1. Rustic Recliners And High Chairs

A classic rustic recliner can be the defining piece of your living room. A rustic recliner typically comes in earthly colors like shades of brown, gray, or green. Moreover, these recliners have a naturalistic touch. They are made up of plant or animal-based raw materials like wood and leather.

In a typical ranch, the furniture is constructed with locally available materials. Traditionally, ranchers used to fell trees to procure logs and used locally available animal hides and leather for making furniture. It is always better to go for handmade products than the ones that are produced in a factory using a machine or an assembly line of production.

Factory-made furniture has cookie-clutter looks and does not reflect a workman’s creativity. So if you want an authentic rustic look go for a recliner that is handmade and is made up of natural products like wood and leather. The same thing applies to high chairs if you have a drawing cum dining room-like arrangement.

If your house has a drawing cum dining room arrangement, you might want to place high chairs around a wooden slab and use it as a dining area.

Also, rustic pieces of furniture can have an unpolished look as it looks closer to nature, but if you want a well-polished recliner or high chairs, they can be coated with a layer of lacquer as well. The wood that is used for making furniture is seasoned well and is thus free of spoilage from termites and other wood-boring insects. At times the wood surface on a chair might show the annual rings of a tree and it is a good idea to get such pieces because they give a very authentic feel.

2. Dried Grass From The Pampas

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Dried grass from the Pampas region is available for sale, and these are a perfect addition to your ranch house’s living room. The grasslands of the temperate region house the largest ranches in the world. These large grasslands provide good grazing land for local cattle, and the nutritious grass makes sure that the cattle are healthy and productive. Pampas is the name given to the specific grass that grows in the American temperate zone.

The dried grass is available in shades of brown, and the processing is such that the final product does not shed many twigs. These natural grasses are better than artificial plants or flowers, and they can give a truly earthy feel to your living room. These grasses can be easily fitted into a vase, and they can thus be a great addition to the center table of your ranch house.

3. Horns As A Decorative Item

If you want to create a ranch house, using horns as decorative items is a must. Typically the horns of a bison were harnessed to make decorative products in real ranches. So if you want to give your house a real rustic feel, then a real or artificial bison horn product is mandatory. The horns can be used in the center table, they can be added to the mirrors, or they can be used as wall hanging.

In a traditional ranch, the ranchers would get real bison horns from a hunt, but today hunting is illegal in most countries of the world, so you can source real horns from the horns that naturally fall off animals’ heads. Such horns that have naturally fallen off animals are collected by locals and are used for mankind decorative items that give a naturalistic feel.

4. A Classic Leather Rug

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A leather rug perfectly complements a rustic recliner or a sofa. A velvet or a fancy rug on the other hand is a complete spoiler in a naturalistic living space, and hence they should be completely avoided.

Leather rugs can be cut in regular rectangular or square shapes, but it is better to use natural and irregular shapes. The irregular shape adds realism to the product and helps it blend in with the setting. Also, ranch houses have huge open spaces, and hence accommodating asymmetric designs, and irregular shapes for rugs and carpets should not be a problem.

5. Get A Picture Of Horses

An oil-painted picture of a stable of horses can be the defining art piece of your living room. Oil paints look more real and elegant than a picture, and hence adding a painting of a group of beautiful horses can complete the look of your living room.

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When designing a rustic ranch house, it is important to keep simplicity and naturalism in mind. A classic ranch has a lot of open space, and the houses in them are built in a large area. Their decor is very simple and is mostly sourced from material that is locally available. Thus, wood, leather, reeds, grasses, and animal horn predominates.

Moreover, it is important to remember that any of the items in your living room should not look factory-made. Hence imperfect sewing and rough surface are a great choice because they look handmade. And lastly, the paint in the walls of the house and the flooring should complement the decorative items. So it is better to stick to earthy shades of brown, white, and gray when painting the walls or doing the floors.