Is Qigong An Alternative Medicine? Things To Know


What Yoga is to India, Qigong is to China. It is a kind of meditation and focus exercise. The goal of this category of meditation is for improving one’s physical and mental health. This has been a part of Chinese culture for the past many years. This category involves the use of exercise in calm and physical forms to emphasize and optimize the use of bodily energies.

Physical and psychological components are a core part that revolves around Medical Qigong exercise. For the human body, posture and movement are crucial components. It is an exercise form that makes one feel balanced. Most importantly, it makes one realize the need for having a controlled life. Qigong in all senses comes down to medication as well.



Medical exercise of this technique mainly involves a combination of breathing, self-massage, concentration, and other movement techniques to reduce pain. Qigong cannot be learned and achieved within a short time. It needs utmost and regular practice. It has several potential health benefits for a normal human body.

Breathing system and qigong

It has a prominent impact on the human respiratory system. During the covid outbreak, many people have found using qigong as an integral part of daily routine exercise. Researchers have claimed that qigong is a really good way to control the way respiratory system works. Some pointers of the respiratory system being helped with qigong are:

  • Better immune system
  • Reduction of stress levels with control over stress hormones
  • Reduced inflammation levels in the body
  • Strong respiratory muscles

Qigong might reduce the issues for a while or completely terminate them. But not any evidence suggests that it is a permanent solution for the same.

The flexibility of the body and mind

Its main objective revolves around improving body posture and movements. Therefore it benefits the human body by balancing blood pressure, a stable heart rate, hand grip, and torso flexibility being a major benefit. It’s a great option to go on increasing body stamina and getting high levels of immune hormone supply.


Post cancer benefits

Researchers have found qigong to be a really beneficial and sure-shot way to be a post-cancer best cure. It simply directs to improving the quality of life. Improvements in fatigue and other post-cancer symptoms are easy to deal with. Qigong makes it easy when emphasized with the right techniques.

Reducing pain

Chronic pains can be majorly cured with help of meditation and exercise. Qigong practice makes a perfect layout for building the right kind of meditation routine. It has been proven to cure chronic pains in the back, neck, and other body parts. Simply saying, depends on the situation and condition of the pain.

Qigong reflects the kind of action upon the body. Researchers are still trying to find if it can be an alternative to medicine. Qigong has the potential of turning into an alternative, but with keeping certain usage techniques and other things in mind for the same.

Can It Be An Alternative To Medicine?


Several people around the globe are achieving better conditions of body with the help of alternative practices. Decreasing the usage of medicines and promoting other natural ways of treatment of a condition is the new a prior goal. The science industry is affected by the idea of medical Qigong making an impactful treatment of pain for patients.

But an important query is if this exercise can be an alternative to medicine. The answer to the same is dependent on several factors. A few such factors can be the Intensity of pain, Kind of illness, category of pain, chronic or acute pain, and the patient’s body.

These all factors might lead to the intensity of healing. Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing exercise. It involves a mixture of breathing, movement, balance, and the ability to hold onto thoughts. This exercise technique can be really important to deal with the medical aspects of anybody. Several approaches to qigong make it the best alternative to the medical world. A simple yet informed approach. Qigong leads to the healing of medical issues with roots. Making sure it does not return back to the body.

Types of Qigong

Types of qigong being used and applied also make the healing capacity of a body become better. The types of exercise applied can also be dependent on the style or main goal of the exercise.

This might be Spiritual, medical, or martial. All three forms are a prominent approach to making sure that the body heals at its best. To remain in shape and mentally make the body deliver more.

Components of Qigong


The Chinese exercise technique has certain important components which decide the kind of practice being used. Or the after-effects of qigong on the human body. It mainly consists of four main components:


This Chinese technique of exercise has the ability to make the flow of blood smooth. Resulting in restoring balance in the body. It’s a vital life energy that leads to a balanced functioning of the body. It involves a lot of breath work, leading to balanced respiration.

It is said that respiration is directly connected to the nervous system. It calms the nerves, relieving pain.

The main benefits of such exercises can directly lead to an improved health structure. Therefore, qigong is a total work of mind and body synchronizing together. Qigong simply circulates through meridians and collaterals. Forming all major internal human organs. It is equivalent to any other medical science. Because it just helps human beings to act as normal as possible. Healing is easy with this Chinese technique. Earlier qigong was a secretive practice.

Only teachers used to share it exclusively with their students. But as time proceeded, it became popular. People all around the globe were happy with the idea of qigong.