The Problems to Face while Esports Betting


The gaming industry is a fast-pacing business that has developed a large fanbase across the world. Most bookmakers have at least several esports titles in their sportsbooks. Even people who don’t know anything about this kind of sport can try their luck on numerous computer and mobile games.

Placing bets on esports is not as easy as one might assume. Every sport has its characteristics. Esports has managed to combine the characteristics of multiple games.

To make your esports betting more efficient, you should be ready for different scenarios. Let’s check out the potential problems that you might have to face in esports betting!

The odds change all the time


Most bettors like the live betting section due to a plethora of opportunities. Every single bookmaker that supports esports will also allow you to wager on live matches. Apart from the additional markets, you should know that the odds for most esports matches experience certain transformations all the time.

Placing live eSports bets without a clear understanding of the game doesn’t make any sense. Sadly, learning how everything works is not easy. Apart from watching live streams, you may need to collect the information from independent resources. This way, you will be able to make more accurate predictions based on the real data.

You may not find many options to choose from

One of the most common problems to deal with is the lack of betting options. Since betting on esports isn’t as popular as betting on other sports, many gambling brands don’t have the proper market coverage. In most cases, you will only have access to the most popular ones, including the FT result and Over/Under. In this context, the importance of finding a reliable bookmaker like doesn’t seem to be exaggerated.

Apart from the poor market coverage, some betting sites only provide two or three esports titles. This means that you need to conduct proper research if you want to get access to at least several games. The most common names are Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS: GO. Each of them has numerous tournaments, which allows you to enjoy a great variety.

Particular betting features and bonuses might not work


Most bookmakers have unique betting features and exclusive bonuses. Some of them might not be eligible for esports due to their nature. The good thing is that you will most likely have access to live stream because every esports event is streamed on a platform like Twitch.

Cash Out is a popular feature that gives the opportunity to settle it whenever you feel like it. This means that you don’t have to wait for the end of the esports event. If you notice that things are not going as intended, simply use this feature. As a result, you will get at least one sum of money that has been used for your bet.

Some eSports matches could be postponed

Unless you wager on an event in a LAN format, every other esports event is played online. This means that there is always a chance for a match to be delayed.

Even though this can happen in every kind of sport, it is more common here. So, if you decide to place a pre-match bet, make sure that it is available a few hours before the event kicks off. Don’t worry, the bookmaker should refund your bet amount if the match can’t be accessed anymore.

Despite the great number of technological advances, most esports matches have to be delayed due to technical issues. This is something that you always need to consider when betting.


Most tips that you read online are not credible

Some people involved in gambling are known as tipsters. Their job is to make predictions about particular events. They will provide lots of tips for esports because this is the most popular kind of sport. If you look around, you will face multiple esports predictions made by the so-called experts.

If you ever decide to get a second opinion, you should take them with a pinch of salt. The last decision should be based on your personal research and analysis.

Once you start searching for adequate tips, make sure that the person behind them has sufficient competence. Eventually, you will make those tips work for you rather than against you.