7 Tips on How to Practice English Reading Skill

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Being capable of reading English properly is one of the most important language skills one needs to have. We all know how important it is to learn English because it is the most spoken language today.

Without proper reading skills, one can not understand the written context properly. For that reason, many people are unable to participate in many events and they seek help from others whenever they have to read English for some reason.

This skill creates a huge impact on both personal life and career. People who are good at reading English or can read it properly, have more chances of getting promotions and having better job opportunities.

It will be a great skill to improve your social communication and increase your CV value at the same time. There are various ways to improve your English reading skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most effective ways to practice English reading skills.

1. Decoding

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Decoding is the first step to mastering reading ability in any language. It means understanding the word and connecting them to letters to bring out a meaningful sound. It is the basis of my English reading skill. For achieving this ability one needs to have a rich vocabulary and word-connecting sense. You might need to learn vocabulary and connecting skills from learning grammatical terms. It also comes from a reading sense.

2. Learn Vocabularies

Vocabulary is the first step to learning decoding, without learning vocabulary decoding is impossible for anyone. It simply means word knowledge, how many words are in your mind and how to use them is simply called vocabulary.

When you know many words and have the knowledge of how to connect the theme to make a meaningful sentence, your half work is done. For learning, vocabulary, reading books, dictionaries, magazines, novels, short stories, etc.

3. Gain Fluency

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Fluency is not a single thing perhaps it is a mix of different factors. Generally, it is the ability to read without any stuttering and a smooth flow. It is also focused on how you decode words while reading faster. Fluency is all about a read which sounds clear and meaningful. The more you practice the more you become fluent. You have to be good at decoding and vocabulary to be fluent in reading.

4. Achieve Inference

Inference is a very important part of English reading. It is a section where we connect our own ideas and opinions to the text for identifying the meaning of what we read. For example, you are reading a journal about terrifying crimes, and you suggest that, to stop the crimes we should take necessary steps to reduce the crime rate and the reasons for crime.

5. Set Reading Goals

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Setting reading goals is one of the necessary steps to take. Start from vocabulary, and set a goal of learning new words like 50 words a day (Depending on your capability). Try to learn new grammatical terms which help in reading English. Read journals, newspapers, books, novels, and articles out loud to improve your reading and make it more fluent. These steps are very effective to be fluent in English reading.

6. Set Reading Time

Spare some time for reading regularly, whenever you are free try to read an article or read novels on a daily basis. It will be a great practice for your vocabulary and English reading. One should read a minimum of 2 minutes a day, if you have more time do not hesitate to invest it in learning English reading.

7. Summarize in Your Mind What You Read

The goal of learning to read English is not just to be fluent but to understand the context. Whenever you read something like a novel or story after reading the whole thing, summarize it in your mind. This way you will know the context and then you can organize it on your own. It will help you to improve your English reading and after some time, you will master the skill for sure.


Source: pexels.com

How can I improve my reading skills at home?

There are a number of things you can do at home to improve your reading skills. One of the most important things is to read regularly. Make it a habit to read for at least 30 minutes every day. This will help you develop your reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Another good tip is to choose material that is interesting to you. If you find something boring, you’re likely to lose focus and not learn as much. Likewise, if you’re struggling with a particular text, it might be helpful to find an easier book or article on the same topic to increase your understanding.

It can also be helpful to try different methods of reading, such as skimming or scanning. Skimming means quickly.

How do I start reading English books?

There are a few things you can do to start reading English books more easily. First, make sure you choose a book that is at the right level for you.

If you’re a beginner, look for easy readers or children’s books. If you’re more advanced, try something slightly harder. Second, get a good Dictionary and keep it handy as you read. This will help you look up any words you don’t know.

Third, take your time and read slowly at first. Once you get used to the language, you’ll be able to read faster. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. There are many resources available online and in libraries that can help you improve your reading skills.


In this article, we discussed how one can master the skill of reading English. It will surely help the interested learners. These steps are very effective so if anyone follows the steps it will be very easy for them to improve their English reading.

This is a very useful and necessary skill so if you work hard for this, it won’t go in vain. Besides the steps we mentioned earlier, there are numerous ways to learn English reading. One of the easiest and best ways is to learn from a tutor.

But if you do not have enough time and budget to hire a tutor, AmazingTalker is made for you. This is one of the most popular online learning platforms on the internet. Here you can practice reading with native teachers from any corner of the world.