5 Tips For Playing Golf In Punta Cana This Summer

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Whether you want fun, a holiday for body and soul, or a romantic trip with a loved one, this exotic destination will be the right choice for your dream adventure!

The Dominican Republic is the pearl of the Caribbean and one of the most developed countries in the region. The capital of this beautiful exotic country is Santo Domingo, the exact place Christopher Columbus landed, discovering this paradise on earth. Today, in this picturesque city, the greatest sights are considered to be a monument made in honor of this famous sailor, as well as his museum-house.

The whole country has a little less than 9,000,000 inhabitants. The official language is Spanish, but due to the developed tourism, they speak English and French very well.

Aside from having such a rich history, there’s one other reason people travel here. It’s to experience golfing, in its golfing capital Punta Cana. So, if this year you’re planning to travel there, we give you 5 tips for playing golf…

1. Choose from a variety of terrains to play golf on

Source: puntacana.com

According to golfscape.com, this destination offers as many as 30 courses for experiencing the game in this heavenly environment. No wonder it is called the golfing capital. If you find the choice really hard, then make a plan to visit as many as courses possible, because some of them are masterpieces of the world’s greatest architects.

2. Beware of humidity and heat

Even though the best time for playing is in winter, and early spring, this doesn’t matter it can’t be done in the summer. All you have to do is make sure you are equipped accordingly. Also, fees are lower when you play during the summer, so this can be considered an advantage.

3. Experience the night golf

Source: golfdigest.com

Make room in your busy sightseeing schedule for a good game of golf at night. It is the best time to play if the heat is preventing you to do so during the day.

4. Individual caddies are more expensive than other types

For being equipped to play decently, of course you’ll be needing a caddy. However, if you want to save up, you should know that teaming up with a group of people to play golf is a smart option. This way, the caddy will come way cheaper.

5. Prepare yourself for some delicious food

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Golfing can be tense, and will surely leave you hungry. Hotels, where the courses are located, offer some of the best dining experiences you can get. So, make sure you have a reservation, and treat yourself to something delicious after a game of golf.

A country like this offers a wide range of experiences you need time to go through. It’s perfect for fulfilling some of the things on your bucket list. That’s why you are most likely to come back, because every time you visit, you’ll be inspired to do something you haven’t found time for on this trip.