Affordable Alternatives ─ Exploring 5 Options for Dental Implants Cost Management


It is tough to imagine your life without teeth as it ruins your smile and makes food chewing difficult. Traditional implants are helpful for such unfortunate patients, but again, it is an expensive process. To manage your finances, you must look for cheap alternatives with a natural appearance, beautiful smile, durability, and convenience.

Anyone who can afford a dental implant in Turkey can visit the expert and get the treatment done immediately to improve their quality of life. But if anyone has a low budget, it is better to think of several alternatives that work well for implants. In this way, you can manage your dental treatment costs.

This guide will give detailed information on affordable alternatives to traditional implants. One can consider the non-surgical options and get the same life without misery. Proper research and guidance are necessary to save money on expensive dental treatments.

1. Dentures (Partial/Full)


It is the affordable option one can prefer in the implant case. The suction of the denture structure comes with adhesives that help it stick to one place for a long time. If you require implants for molar replacement, you can prefer partial dentures. But if your case is severe and you must replace the whole teeth set, you should go with the full denture.

The dentures appear natural, and it works the same as implants. One can eat and speak comfortably as one does with his natural teeth. Remove these dentures whenever desired, as they are not permanently stuck to your jaw. The removable teeth set can be cleaned when you are done with all the chores. You can attach it to the jaw whenever you need it.

2. Crowns


You can call it crown caps, and it is a famous and cheap alternative to traditional implants. It gives ample protection to your teeth by providing extra coverage. These crowns are made with durable materials, such as porcelain, filled with metallic substances like steel, gold, etc. You can personalize it as per your budget and preference.

The crown can be shaped differently and matched with your original tooth color. When it comes to appearance, it appears natural. You can use this coverage or shield to protect your original teeth. It strengthens your teeth and helps them in reshaping perfectly. These caps will also protect your gums by preventing food particles from getting stuck.

3. Bridges


It is a permanent and cheap solution for people looking for prosthetics perfect for missing teeth. The bridge is formed by joining many caps in a series. It is stuck over the empty tooth sockets and connected well with other teeth in your jaws. Different types of bridges are available that suit patients with different conditions.

The adjacent teeth are trimmed for a perfect fit, and the cap series is placed over them. Instead of replacing one tooth, the entire set is covered and protected. In the case of a single tooth, wings are attached to the cap, and it is fixed on an empty socket. The wings are attached to adjacent teeth and get sufficient support.

But you cannot rely on the adhesive, and it can come out accidentally. The bridge structure is simple and affordable to form compared to traditional implants. Therefore, consider a bridge an optimal solution if you require permanent teeth replacement, such as traditional implants.

4. Single-Tooth Implant


If one tooth is missing, you can only choose to implant that tooth. You can obtain the mini version of that implant, which will cost you less. Compared to partial dentures, it is considered a better option. Once the entire procedure is done, you can comfortably eat anything. But it appears unnatural due to its metallic clasps. The implant is made of titanium with a porcelain crown.

From above, it appears natural and realistic. This solution is not as affordable as dentures, but many people can afford a single implant. But your dentist will take a lot of time to do the process and attach the artificial structure to your jaw. Therefore, you must be patient enough throughout the process.

5. Non-Surgical Implants


Sometimes, the common issue with the traditional implant method is not its cost but the long healing period. Many people prefer to get quick results to get back to their lives quickly. But with implants, you cannot expect it and wait too long to improve your quality of life. The healing period can be reduced if you avoid any surgical method.

The implant process can be accomplished within a single sitting, but its preparation may take a lot of time, i.e., more than a month. Instead of considering traditional implants, one can consider non-surgical ones. Through computer technology and 3D imaging, your bone structure can easily be evaluated.

Permanent prostheses can be prepared after bone mapping, positions, etc. You can rely on this method and expect to heal immediately after the process. No surgery is conducted during the process. No cutting or stitches are done on your jaw. The process is simple, and one will heal quickly.

Do Nothing If You Are Okay

It is perfect for doing nothing if you cannot afford any of the mentioned alternatives. You can live perfectly if you are not experiencing problems with your missing tooth. You must not waste your money on unnecessary treatments.

But ensure that your teeth are in perfect balance and you can easily eat your food comfortably. You can prefer traditional implants or other alternatives when you have no choice.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, traditional implants are an expensive treatment, and only a few people can afford them. But you can consider its alternatives to save money and obtain natural-looking teeth. In this way, your attractive smile will not be compromised.

You can explore all the affordable options and manage your budget accordingly. If your life is going well with the missing tooth, you can live the same way until things are complicated.