Nurture Your Skin for a Glowy New You


For most of my life, I didn’t know how to begin a skincare routine—or why I even needed one. While suffering breakouts in middle school, I thought simply washing my face would answer all my blemish and acne problems.

Treat yourself well and your skin will glow. But if you neglect to nourish your body and mind, your complexion will be dull and lifeless with fine lines, wrinkles, and breakouts.

When I didn’t achieve a glowing complexion and all different brands of face washes failed to help my patchy, oily skin, I resigned myself to a lifetime of spots and redness. Even a brief exposure to the sun can cause skin damage. It is a good idea to apply sunscreen every day before you leave your house, especially during warmer months. It also reduces wrinkles and prevents pimples. Drink at least 10 cups of water each day. These skin-loving superheroes scavenge free radicals that are caused by environmental pollution, UV radiation, and toxins, as well as your own internal metabolic processes.

It’s about taking care of your skin and loving yourself. You must remember that every cell of your body is powered by what you eat and drink, so ensure you are taking good care of them. Take care of your skin from the inside out to radiate health in all aspects.

It has made a huge difference in my life since I started looking at things from the inside. The biggest difference in your skin’s health is not what you do on the surface. It’s important to nourish your skin from the inside. Stress can cause oily skin and lead to blocked pores.

I’ve come to learn skincare is more than keeping your skin clean and throwing on some moisturizer. It’s a regimen of simple steps to address your skin’s unique needs. And with the right skincare bundle, you’ll have all the products you need to embark on your journey to clear, happy, healthy-looking skin. Ideally, you should sleep for seven to nine hours each evening. You will see a reduction in wrinkles, glowing skin, less puffiness, better, faster, and more effective products, and a noticeable improvement in your beauty routine. Check Usana to know more.

1. Exfoliate


Encouraging cell turnover is an important part of skincare. As cells on the surface of your face die, they’re replaced with new, fresh ones. An exfoliating scrub helps clear away old cells, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing. Research different scrubs to find what’s best for you.

You don’t need to exfoliate every day—two or three times per week should be enough.

2. Cleanse

With all the options out there, finding a good facial cleanser may seem a bit daunting. Start simple by determining your skin type: dry, sensitive, oily, or combination. If you’re unsure of where you fall, there are countless online questionnaires to help you along the way. Next, find a cleanser formulated for your skin’s unique needs.

  • Dry/sensitive: Look for a lotion or cream cleanser to remove impurities while moisturizing your skin.
  • Oily: Find a foaming cleanser to help break down the oil and impurities on your skin.
  • Combination: There are several facial cleansers out there for combination skin. If you’re unsure what to get, micellar water is a great option to attract dirt and oil without drying your skin. If you are not sure, you can google out facial near me and find the best option for you.

Wash your face twice a day—first thing in the morning and before bed.

3. Toners, Serums, and Treatments


After you wash your face, apply a toner. It acts as a final cleansing step, pulling any leftover dirt, makeup, or impurities off your skin while preparing it for the next steps in your skincare routine.

After you tone, it’s time to apply any of your favorite skin-nurturing treatments—eye creams or a vitalizing serum. By applying these after toning and before moisturizing, you lock them into your skin to reap their full benefits.

4. Moisturise

I shied away from moisturizer because of my oily skin. But once I found one specifically formulated for my skin type, I won’t go a single day without it. As the last step in your skincare routine, it seals in all the goodness underneath to ensure your skin can absorb all it needs.

  • Morning: A moisturizer with SPF is the way to go for your daytime routine. This protects your skin from the sun’s UV rays and keeps it looking young and healthy.
  • Night: A thicker, heavier moisturizer will sink deep into your skin while you sleep, leaving your skin buttery smooth, and soft.

I like to add a facial oil to my moisturizer for some extra radiance and glow, but it fits nicely into any skincare step. Made with botanical oils, a lightweight formula makes your skin feel smooth and hydrated while reducing the appearance of aging. And if you’re skeptical about adding more oil to an already oily face (I sure was), don’t be! A lot of oils work with your skin and usually won’t exacerbate problems caused by already oily skin—it’s almost like magic.

5. Spoil Yourself


However you design your skincare regimen, it’s important to enjoy yourself. Find products you’re excited to use, and set aside time each morning and night for self-care. Your routine should make you feel pampered. And when you start seeing your glowing results, it’ll surely inspire you to stick to your routine!

Healthy-looking skin is within reach—you may even see results in a few days (I did!). Start small, discover what works for you, and take time to enjoy your skincare journey. Soon, you’ll be showing off your new, glowy complexion. It is in my best interest to consult with industry experts for the latest information about skincare routines.

Life is too short to feel self-conscious about your skin. It’s time to create daily skincare habits to love the skin you’re in.

Sarah Limardo is an editor from Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys exploring the mountains and is an avid reader of young adult fiction—follow her on Instagram @SarahLimardo.