Experiencing With Muay Thai in Thailand for the Best Holiday

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Over the past holidays, I have had friends come to tell me they spent their last holidays in Thailand; I always thought it was weird to travel far to the southeast part of Asia for the holidays, I know better now.

Now, during the holidays, while others fancy going to Europe or South America, I think the best place to visit for a perfect holiday in Thailand, and here is why;

The Muay Thai experience

Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand, and it reflects the Thai culture of centuries far back. This sport comes from an ancient Thai system of combat that uses special skills to defend yourself and attack your enemy. People often refer to it as the “art of the eight limbs.”

This sport has spread from Thailand to almost three-quarters of countries in the world.
It is not surprising that most people visit Thailand because of the sport and its electrifying experience in the country (numerous camps in Thailand teach it). Not only is the sport simple to learn and practice, but it is also fun (I know this firsthand.)

There are numerous other reasons why people want to train for Muay Thai camps as a holiday routine, and some of them are;

The sport is a better therapy to rid yourself of anxiety.

Psychologists argue that physical activities like Muay Thai can help you eliminate excess stress and anxieties and help you relax better. I mean, what is the whole point of a holiday if you don’t get to relax or rid yourself of the stress build-up? High stress & anxiety levels are the leading causes of depression/emotional failure in humans. So get up and hit that Muay Thai camp!

It is a good weight loss routine during the holidays. I have a cousin who hates the holidays, for the simple reason that the holidays get to her weight, and she gains more, funny, right?
Many of us also dread the holidays because of the liberties in our diets and routines during the holiday. With Muay Thai, we have the perfect activity to rid ourselves of the ‘overweight’ and calories.

Muay Thai training pieces are good routines for weight loss and will rid you of excess calories while you are enjoying your holiday.

Relax in the best way while at training camps

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Most Muay Thai camps were built in idyllic locations, far from the troubles and hassles of the Thai cities’ urban life. Some Muay Thai camps are close to the beach, an island, or situated in Thailand’s beautiful countrysides overlooking hills, springs, dandelions, and mountains.

There are occasional breaks to punctuate your training in the camp, and this will give you enough time to; take a hike among the beautiful mountains, sit close to the rushing waters, or other fun activities. You’ll relish the great experience

Muay Thai is fun

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In Muay Thai camps, you will meet people of different; cultures, tribes, nationalities, and interests, improving your social circle. Socializing, discussing, and making friends with various people are great ways to improve your psychological state.

During my Muay Thai training in Thailand, I met a European archeologist who came to train in the camp after some job. I enjoyed our short acquaintance so much that we both agreed to continue in touch. We remain great friends till now.
Muay Thai is beneficial for general health.

We had a stocky colleague at work before leaving for the holidays; you could imagine our surprise when he came back looking all muscular and buff. She had been in a Muay Thai camp. In addition to all the physical and tangible benefits that Muay Thai brings, it is also beneficial to the body;

  • The heart: it helps the cardiovascular muscles of the heart to function properly to aid the constant and effective circulation of blood to and from the heart
  • Hip movement: The hips are the most crucial balance to Muay Thai fighters and help the body balance during training/fights.
  • Stronger bones: Muay Thai aids the body in developing stronger bones by making our bones inure to the hard objects they hit.
  • Mental strength: Muay Thai helps improves mental alertness and health by consistently expanding the ‘understanding’ between the brain, mind, and limbs.
  • Muay Thai improves our self-confidence: The knowledge you can do more (defend yourself) with your body is a gratifying one and will lift your mood.
  • Muay Thai is more than a sport.

Most people go to Muay Thai camps as a better substitute for gyms because these camps don’t only train you on the physical activities; they also keep you psychological fit. Meditations, virtue, duty, courage, and honor are values that Muay Thai teachers like to see amongst their students. Muay Thai is not merely a sport; it is a culture.

Muay Thai in Thailand

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In the cities, islands, country, and caves of Thailand, this is the only sport that takes precedence; the young and old, the men and women, alike practice these camps. There are numerous camps all around Thailand run by Muay Thai veterans, where you will get the best training available during the holiday. A program from muaythai-thailand.com is an example package for a holiday with Muay Thai.

Cost of living in Thailand

The general cost of living in Thailand (even in the major cities) is relatively moderate, and you can find comfortable housing/hotels throughout your stay in the country. Also, Thailand’s people are peace-loving and hospitable and are sincerely welcoming to foreigners; you will enjoy your stay there.

Fun centers and sites in Thailand

Asides from Muay Thai camps, there are also great monuments and landmark sites you can visit. They have a beautiful climate, towering hills and beautiful valleys, beautiful water springs, good wildlife, and more fun sites that will make your holiday more enjoyable.
Finally, Thailand hosts the largest Muay Thai festivals globally; this event attracts thousands of tourists around the world and features match fights between the best Muay Thai fighters in the world.