Most Popular Money Games In Scandinavian Countries

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Online gaming has become very popular in Scandinavian countries in the last few years. Most individuals play games in online casinos not just for fun but also to win money. Slots are the most popular time pass activity for men and women in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There is an endless variety of slot machines in online casinos and one can choose the slot based on their interest. The good thing about slots is that anyone can try their luck on these machines and no skill is needed to click on the lever that rotates the reels.

Despite their immense popularity, slots are not the only games people in Scandinavian countries play for fun and money. There are many table games played in online casinos where gamers have a good chance to win money. One reason why many gamers spend time on these table games is that they don’t want to remain dependent upon their luck for winning money. Games like Baccarat, poker, craps, bingo, and blackjack allow players to enhance their chances of winning through their skills and understanding of the rules of the game. Also, a very low house edge in these table games means gamers can win big amounts of money by placing even low bets.

If you don’t know, the house edge is the statistical advantage a casino enjoys over the gamers. If one wishes to win high amounts with low bets, they need to play games where the house edge is low. It is this reason why gamers with skills move from slots to table games. Here they enjoy low house edge and also get a chance to use their skills to beat the dealer or other gamers.


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Blackjack is perhaps the most popular table game played by large numbers of gamers in Scandinavian countries. If you are not very experienced, you can stick to the single deck variant of Blackjack and enjoy a high percentage of winning. House edge in single deck variant can be as low as 1.5%. You can progress to other variations after gaining experience with single deck blackjack.


Poker is a card game that is played by thousands of gamers to earn a decent amount of money from online casinos. In Scandinavia, it is the version called a three-card poker that is loved the most by the gamers. The reason behind its popularity is that it ends quickly and allows the gamer to earn handsome amounts with low bets as well. With Queen high, the house edge is only 1.5%, giving the gamer a chance to win big.

If you think you play poker well, it is high time you tried the variant called Video Poker in an online casino. You can make a good amount of money playing video poker with a house edge as low as 0.5%. If you are not very confident about your skills, you can stick to jacks or better.


This is another table game that is quite popular among the Scandinavians. Yes, you need a strategy to beat the dealer, but if you place your bet on the player rather than the banker and wait and observe others’ moves before you make your move, you can maximize your chances of winning.


Craps is a very popular table game in physical casinos in Scandinavian countries. Some gamers stay away from this game in online casinos as they find it complex because of its rules. The fact is that clever gamers are earning good money through craps because of its very low house edge of 1.4-5%. You can easily master the rules of craps with practice and make use of bets that don’t pass to win good money in online casinos.

Bingo in Sweden

In Sweden, apart from the table games described above, gamers enjoy playing bingo. Bingo is usually played at large venues and there are even drive-in bingo halls where people go to have some fun time. It is considered a numbers game by Swedish Lotteries Act and online bingo is not even considered bingo by the government. Online bingo is huge in Sweden, generating revenue of nearly $2 billion every year. The most popular bingo variant in Sweden is 75-ball bingo, which gives 3 different ways of winning to gamers.

Lottery scratch cards in Norway

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Online gaming is extremely popular among Norwegians. They mostly try their luck on slot machines though many people also love playing table games. In addition, another money game that is extremely popular among Norwegians is online scratch cards.

Norwegians love to buy online lottery tickets or scratch cards, or just skrapelodd på nett as they are known in Norway (source: NorskCasinoHex), that gives them a chance to win big money. All that one has to do is to scratch the card to reveal the symbols. It is similar to playing slots in online casinos as one can hit the jackpot if the scratch card reveals matching symbols.

Slot games in Denmark

In Denmark, it is illegal to take part in a gambling activity for winning real money. If one has a desire to play a card game for winning money, he or she has to visit a licensed online casino. Most of the Danes play slots for time pass and also to try and win some real cash.

Lotto game in Finland
In Finland, all gambling activities are state-controlled whether they are offline or online. Thus there are state-owned national lotteries, casinos, instant win games, and sports betting agencies. Gamers try their luck in online casinos whether they want to play slots, lottos, or table games like poker and blackjack.

Lotteries in Iceland

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In Iceland, gambling laws are very strict. Table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are considered illegal and this is the reason why there are so few casinos in the country. This is also the reason why most Icelanders turn to the internet to play slots and other table games. Different lotteries remain very popular in the country.

Above mentioned are only some of the many money games that are very popular with Scandinavians because many of them also try their luck at sports betting to win some real cash.