8 Lucrative Social Media Jobs

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Social media is unarguably an intrinsic part of every successful digital marketing plan. Many brands are maximizing this cost-effective tool to reach new customers and attract quality leads.

Initially, only big brands could afford to hire experts and launch a series of campaigns. Small brands can now enjoy the long-term benefits that come with social media marketing.

Social media careers help individuals to earn a living even if they embrace the work-from-home trend.

There is nothing to worry about if you prefer working in a physical office because several companies are looking for social media savvy individuals like you. The bottom line is to do your due diligence before going for an interview or accepting any job offer.

Check out the high-paying social media jobs you should consider.

1. Marketing Consultant

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Marketing consultants help brands design marketing plans that revolve around social media. They also design and launch campaigns. These experts understand the intricacy of organic and paid tactics. Asides from that, they know when to take each approach.

Marketing consultants can either work independently or with a team. Their research skills often come in handy when digging for information about a brand’s industry and market or the latest trends in the industry.

Many companies hire them to offer recommendations to other heads of departments. If you want to start this career, bear in mind that you’ll present clear and concise reports to your employer. More so, it’s your responsibility to offer your assistance during the launch of new product or service.

It’s possible to earn up to $80,000 as a marketing consultant.

2. Social media influencer

Savvy individuals are converting their love for social media to real cash. Most of them started growing their influence through entertaining and educating their audience.

Having thousands of followers is no longer a basic requirement for a social media influencing career. Brands are gravitating towards micro-influencing marketing and usually get impressive results before the end of their campaigns.

You can focus on one or a few platforms if you’re planning to start this career. Ensure you invest in your personal brand and follow established influencers online. The essential skills you need include customer care, community building, and creativity.

It’s imperative to define your niche and the type of brands you would like to work with early on.

An influencer can earn around $30,000 – $50,000. Nevertheless, the following factors will influence your salary:

  • The brand(s) you’re representing
  • Your skillset
  • Your experience and level of expertise

3. Vice President (VP) of Communications

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The VP of communications makes sure that each department achieves the set marketing goals and objectives. One distinct trait of the best VPs is that they have an in-depth knowledge of social media, marketing, and the public relations landscape.

They are proficient in managing teams and building relationships with influencers and other partners. They also manage their brand’s online reputation and equip other team members. Designing and executing PR strategies is their forte.

The major difference between a community manager and a VP of communications is that the latter handle more responsibilities. You’ll need to report to your employer and come up with ideas for non-profit programs if you choose this career.

You can earn up to $100,000 or more as a VP of communications.

4. Social media analyst

Social media analysts are an essential part of the marketing department. Their core roles include collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. The end result must be presented in a format that other departments can understand.

It’s common for them to handle large volumes of data while tracking the performance of marketing strategies. They can easily determine whether a strategy is impacting their brand’s bottom line or not. The in-demand social media analyst skills are attention to details, strategic thinking, and SEO.

A skilled analyst can earn close to $50,000 annually.

5. Online community manager

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Community managers have a clear understanding of what it takes to build a responsive community online. You need solid writing and editing skills to excel in this career because you’ll interact with your brand’s target audience, clients and other team members.

Community managers leverage empathy and emotional intelligence when responding to users’ comments and messages. They usually maintain the brand’s image with their customer care and crisis management skills.

Delving into this career will offer you the opportunity to earn around $40,000 – $80,000.

6. Social media marketer

Social media marketers use different platforms to promote brands and their offerings. They are responsible for creating content for social media channels, websites, landing pages, and the likes. They also curate content from other sources.

You can help brands scale faster with your social media marketing skills. White hat SEO skills are important for driving organic traffic to websites and ranking well. Keep up with the hottest social media trends to beat the fierce competition out there.

7. Social media strategist

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Social media strategists are also known as social media specialists. Their work revolves around creating and executing social media strategies. They follow the latest trends and know how to position their brands for resounding success.

They can manage teams effectively while collaborating with other creatives. Developing analytical skills will give you an edge in this field.

8. Social media assistant

Social media assistants are in charge of their brand’s social media presence. This starts with establishing a unique and appealing brand voice and image. Apart from creating engaging content for their target audience, they can also repurpose content across various platforms.

This career is among the entry-level jobs in the social media sphere. The average salary of a social media assistant is up to $40,000 per annum.

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Final thoughts

It’s best to discard the common myths surrounding social media jobs. For instance, some people believe that social media is a game of chance. Apart from that, discard any limiting belief that can prevent you from reaching your potential.

Although the social media landscape is competitive, holding on to negative beliefs will only make matters worse. The fact that you’re just starting out doesn’t imply that you’ll be stuck at entry-level gigs for the rest of your life.

Try getting work experience through volunteering or enrolling in an internship program before applying for social media jobs online. Your personal brand can also help you secure better gigs, so be intentional about building it.