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Verge Campus mission is the #1 community for the current generation of college students. We are focused on cultivating and supporting a community of influential, ambitious college students and helping launch the careers for the next generation of journalists and business professionals.

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Contributing Writer




Brooklyn, NY



is seeking individuals who have a passion for writing about a variety of topics, including web culture, pop culture, sports, global/national news, music, and college youth and college culture. This person should have a great understanding of the news landscape on and off campus, have a unique, personable voice and writing style, and have the ability to create well-written, shareable content. Our ideal writer can craft web-friendly content from topics, images, video or GIFs.


This person would create well-written, meaningful, and insightful content that conveys their story accurately and fosters conversation and dialogue. They should display an expertise in understanding, finding and creating great content and tracking current trends relevant to students, college and mainstream media.

Required Skills

We are looking for someone that can:

  • Research and analyze current social trends
  • Create meaningful and shareable content
  • Interest in interviewing local musicians, artists, business owners and more
  • GIF Making

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