The Impact of Smartphones and Technology On the Online Gambling Industry


Do you love to gamble and have a ton of online fun? Nowadays you can play games from the comfort of your room and enjoy their variety. Not only that but access to high-speed internet has allowed us to play a lot more new games and get that real-feel time. There are a lot of options that you can enjoy, but there are also some that you might find to be draining or irritating. With new developments also comes a set of new responsibilities. Keep on reading and discover the impact that smartphones have had on the online gambling world.

How can the mobile industry and technology change or influence gambling

For most people having the option or the opportunity to play games anywhere in the world is big and refreshing. Imagine not being tied up to one specific casino, but having the freedom to play or do whatever you like, however you like. Sounds appealing, right? The combination of online gambling and mobile technology was not only rational but also just as money-making for the operators of the sites. Mobile casinos bloomed, which made them a must-do for people worldwide, as well as different casinos who wanted to expand. Nowadays, you can choose among thousands of different options and explore new games on a daily!

Take a look at the global scene

Did you know that the market size was $58,960 million in 2019? For casino games, this number will reach around $92,860 million by 2024. This is a huge jump with an impressive rate of 12% a year. You can thank apps and mobile games for getting that far. Also, a huge factor that has come to play is blockchain. The technology is helping companies deliver a vastly enhanced gaming experience to the online gambling community. People enjoy having a chance to win crypto when playing or to pay with cryptos, which is still not a popular feature at land-based casinos.

Top 5 key facts to understand


1. Interaction with people worldwide

While some players, such as those who enjoy casino slot games, may prefer going at it alone, others find the social aspect so appealing. If you don’t have friends who can head out to an actual casino with you, you can always rely on your internet buddies. Mobile casino games have been designed to create an authentic, in-person experience + you can connect with a ton of people worldwide. Everything is done in such a phenomenal way that even the graphics themselves might make you feel like you’re at an actual casino!

2. Accessibility is more than important

You don’t have to spend minutes or hours moving from point A to point B. The truth is that you’re only one click away from experiencing pure fun! Creating your account, finding your next favorite casino game, and placing your bets are all the steps that you have to do in order to have fun, and all of this can take 2-3 minutes to do! Almost all games are optimized for mobile use, which means that you can expect quality graphics and sound. No more waiting in lines, so let the fun begin!

PS: Don’t forget the costs of spending money on clothes, drinks, or transportation when heading out. If you play from home or on your phone, you are actually saving money!

2. Safe and convenient

All of us want to feel safe when gambling and having online fun, right? The truth is that you might feel a lot more scared out and about, walking with $200-$500 bills that you just won, not to even mention higher amounts. Luckily and thanks to options such as online banking methods like Apple Pay, Pay by Phone, and PayPal, your withdrawal options and deposits are safe and secure! As long as you go for a safe, secure, checked-out, and licensed casino, you’re going to feel safe and fine. Also, using a tricky password will prevent your account from getting hacked and will make your money in proper, safe hands.

4. Easy communication


Today, the best online casinos have customer services available and ready to assist you or other customers 24/7. Not only that, but some people actually prefer online chats or calls a ton more than private in-person ones. Not only do calls and live chatbots make accessing information easy, but casinos can now keep you up to date with their latest bonuses or any type of promotions through your email or phone number. This especially applies to birthday bonuses or seasonal promotions. No more reason to feel anxious or lost when betting big or trying to resolve an issue, everything is so easy and simple to do on your phone.

5. Fast & lag-free

Let’s be honest, who likes the crowd, smoke, or long lines when at a casino? Some queues for tables can be annoying, and some slot machines can be occupied for hours. This is why online fun is a lot more convenient, promising, and fast. Their withdrawal and deposit timeframes are faster + you don’t have to withdraw the money during one specific time frame. You get to use it and dispose of it however you like (you could even save it on the site and think about some future games to play and cover). No more lags or bad graphics, everything is so professional and appealing.

Where can you have a ton of online fun?

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