Hybrid Flooring – Why It’s The Right Choice For You

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Technology has made some significant improvements to the floors across the country. At one time, the average home or business owner could expect to replace their floors every ten to twenty years, depending on the type and foot traffic. It is estimated that by 2025 the flooring industry will see 1.1 million people in need of flooring products.

With the cost of flooring replacement reaching up to the high thousands of dollars, there is a need for top-quality flooring that can hold up to the test of time. That is where hybrid flooring comes into the picture. It has many benefits compared to old-school flooring styles, which is what we are here to discuss. Let’s look at why hybrid flooring is the right choice for you.

Installation Is Easy

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One of the biggest reasons that hybrid flooring is the right choice for you is the ease of installation. A large part of flooring expense is the cost of having a professional install it for you.

With hybrid flooring, you will easily be able to tackle the job for yourself. Of course, that is not to say that you have to. If you still want to have a professional install it for you, the investment will be well with it.


These floors will last you a long time, and they are durable to the point of being a lifelong investment if they are cared for properly. That is a discussion for another time, though. The important thing to remember is that you will not have to replace the flooring as often as you would if you used some traditional choices. Hybrid flooring can hold up to constant foot traffic, animals, chairs, and anything that usually damages the floor.


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Hybrid floors are entirely water-resistant. The average amount of liquid spilled or dragged in on your shoes can be substantial. The unique materials used to build these floors are designed to repel moisture of all kinds.

Of course, this is not to say that if a glass of water is spilled and not cleaned up, that floor will be unchanged. The key to keeping your flooring in great shape is to take care of it, which means that if something is spilled, it should be cleaned up. By being water-resistant, the floor will repel the moisture long enough for you to clean it up.

Stain Resistant

Another considerable problem that you may run into is staining. If a red drink is spilled on a standard floor, it will likely leave a permanent stain, but hybrid floors have a top layer that includes stain resistance.

So, as mentioned before, as long as you take the time to care for the floors, clean up all spills, and never use harsh chemicals, your floor will look exactly like the first day when you installed it.

Temperature Resistant

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Another significant aspect of this style of flooring is that it can hold up to high heat, extreme cold, and everything in between. It also means holding up to drastic temperature changes, such as mopping a warm floor with cold water.

Temperature changes will not affect the superb durability, nor will it decrease its life span. They are not designed to hold up outdoors, though, so if you want flooring for outside you need to rethink your options.

More Stylish

All the styles you can ever want can be found with hybrid flooring. With that style comes the choice of color, design, shade, and even some that are trendy. Your specific taste will determine which type of floor you want. With hybrid flooring, you can get precisely what you want without having to special order any expensive materials. Ths sky is truly the limit when talking about the style of your floor.

Better Feel

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A common issue that you will find with traditional flooring is how loud and uncomfortable it can be. Hybrid floors are designed to offer a cushion to your step. Since it is made out of numerous layers of material, it acts as a sound-deadening layer.

Those creaks and groans you are used to hearing will be eliminated when you upgrade your home with hybrid flooring. It may not completely absorb the sound of a basketball being dribbled, but you get the point.

Low Maintenance

True hardwood floors take an investment in time when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their appearance and durability. On the other hand, Hybrids offer a great-looking floor that requires simple steps to keep clean. Sweep and mop with warm water and mild soap.

You never want to use a strong chemical to clean the floor because it will cause damage to it. Nothing is 100% indestructible, as can be shown if you make the mistake of using a strong chemical cleaner. Play it safe and use water mixed with a product designed for use on hybrid floors.


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Traditional hardwood floors cost so much because of the time it takes to produce the planks, the care they need when installed, and the extra steps required to maintain them. Hybrid floors are much cheaper to make, and they impact the environment around us less when they are manufactured.

Today, society has put a big importance on a product leaving the smallest footprint possible upon the world, and these floors offer that. Plus, the labor needed to install and clean them is far less than you could expect from traditional flooring styles.

Hybrid floors offer you the best of both worlds. They are a combination of style and innovative technology. It is great to know that it will never have to be done again after you spend the time and money to install your new floor. That may change if you ever decide to change styles, but it is simple to take out the old and put in the new.

Most people today simply do not have the time to keep a traditional wood floor cleaned and protected. Hybrids offer a solution to this problem that cannot be denied. There is no reason to ever pay the inflated prices of buying and installing wood floors. You can get hybrid planks that are easy to install, easy to care for, and look great for years to come.