Best Guns For 3 Gun Competition


As shooting competitions go, nothing is more intense, exciting, and frequently nerve-wracking as a 3 Gun match. A 3 Gun competition rates as a top-tier choice among competitive shooters, consisting of a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

If you’re into building your AR-15, you may want to consider a few things to include on your upper receiver. Click here if you are looking to get started building one. If you’d rather purchase your gear, here are three firearm suggestions you should probably consider before making a purchase.

Stag Arms 3G Rifle


At the very least, think about purchasing a rifle that comes with an optic that allows both short and long-distance sighting, a match-grade barrel and trigger, and a muzzle brake. The Stag Arms AR-15 rifle, while a little pricey, is specifically designed for 3-gun competitions.

Out of the box, it comes complete with an extendable stock and a mid-length forearm, which allows positive control and accurate aim. The Stag Arms 3G also includes a match-grade trigger and muzzle brake and will hold up to the rigors of any all-day rapid-fire competition.

One attribute of the Stag Arms 3G that bears mentioning is that it typically doesn’t come with an optic system. There’s a reason for that. In the world of competitive 3 Gun shooting, you’ll need an optical system that gives you both short and long-range sighting.

If you’re serious about winning, the best optic system for a match like this is the Burris MTAC-1 4x24mm. The Burris MTAC-1, when coupled with a Stag Arms 3G, will help you achieve some fantastic results.

Remington Versa Max Tactical


Remember, in 3 Gun competition matches, you will also be blasting away at targets with a shotgun. Not just any gun will give you the performance necessary to excel in a 3-gun match. Don’t expect any stellar results by using your grandad’s break-open double-barrel twenty-gauge shotgun and shotgun shell types.

It would help if you had something that provides maximum firepower without kicking like a mule, and the Remington Versa Max Tactical is the shotgun for the task. For starters, the Remington 12-gauge Versa Max Tactical semi-automatic shotgun comes with an extended magazine tube. Fully loaded, the Versa Max Tactical holds eight shots.

Another feature of the Versa Max Tactical is it’s a semi-automatic shotgun. This one feature alone is critically essential in 3-gun competitions. Having to pump another round into the chamber by hand adds precious seconds to your time.

The feed of the shells from an extended magazine tube is consistent and fluid, and the recoil is more like a nudge against the shoulder. Like the Stag Arms 3G rifle, the Versa Max Tactical is Remington’s best-in-class contribution to the shotgun portion of target shooting during a 3 Gun competition.

Smith & Wesson M&P – 9

Depending on who you ask, you’re liable to get varying opinions on the best handgun to use during a 3 Gun match. Some will side with a Glock, others a Barretta, and even more will tell you that the best pistol for competitive shooting is a Ruger.

Depending on your style and shot capacity required, all of the above could be the right firearm for you. Semi-automatic pistols have been around for quite some time now, and most of the more well-known manufacturers produce reliable handguns.

However, when it comes to reliability, ease of handling, and low-profile receiver and grip, one of the best pistols you’ll want to take to the match with you is the Smith & Wesson M&P – 9.

While the Smith & Wesson M&P – 9 is not specifically designed for 3-gun competition, it still ranks high on the list of handguns used for competitive matches.

Designed for duty carry by many military and law enforcement agencies, the Smith & Wesson M&P – 9 also makes a name for itself in competitive shooting. One of the M&P – 9 features that make it so popular in competitive 3-gun matches is its lightweight polymer design and magazine capacity.

With a shot in the chamber and seventeen rounds in the magazine, you’ll be able to knock off eighteen targets before having to stop and reload.

Staying the Course


Keep in mind that most 3-gun competition courses resemble the aftereffects of a bomb leveling a city block. You’ll be sprinting around old cars and shooting targets through holes in a broken-down wall. A top-grade performance depends on hitting all the targets in the least amount of time. Suffice it to say, 3-gun competition matches are physically demanding and require quick reflexes and instant target acquisition.

To execute well, you’ll need all three firearms to perform flawlessly and be lightweight enough to lessen the load of carrying them and using them as you speed through the course. The fewer times you must stop and reload, the better your time will be. Lugging a heavy pistol, shotgun, or rifle through the course will guarantee a lackluster finish.

When you get to the last few targets, you will need the same steady aim at the end as when you started, regardless of what weapon you’re using.

Taking Home The Prize


The Stag Arms 3G AR-15, Remington Versa Max Tactical, and Smith & Wesson M&P – 9 are three of a host of many firearms you may decide to utilize in 3-gun competitions but consider this.

Each of these three choices will provide maximum efficiency when it’s needed most. All three weapons demonstrate quality match-grade performance.

Remember, you’re in it to win it. Coming home with a trophy and a little prize money using inferior weapons is not likely to happen very many times. You’ll need lightweight and dependable and maximum capacity loads. Accuracy and speed are an essential part of 3 gun competition. When shaving off seconds means the difference between second and first place, you’ll need a firearm that delivers nothing but the best.

For the money, the Stag Arms 3G, the Remington Versa Max Tactical shotgun, and the Smith & Wesson M&P – 9 are firearms anyone who competes in 3-gun matches will want to add to their arsenal.

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