What Happens If You Don’t Walk Your Dog?

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Dogs return the love that is given to them tenfold. Because of that, but also their health, it is very important that you walk them regularly. Since walking is an activity, it must be conducted daily. So it is not enough to take your dog for a walk from time to time, but it is important to do it regularly. Some dogs require more frequent walks while some are not in the mood for daily activities. This depends on the breed and age of the dog, but also on the personal characteristics of the dog. However, the basic source of physical exercise is just walking.

Regardless of the space in the house or yard, there is no activity that can replace it. In this way, the dog consumes energy and uses other benefits of physical activity. You also stay active, mobile, and healthy. Otherwise, you risk your pet’s health and read more about it below.

Physical activities of the dog

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When you bought a dog, you probably didn’t get an answer to this question anywhere. Which doghouse to choose, which is the best dog litter box and the like you could find on specialized review sites like petonbed.com but there is not much talk about the physical activity of the dog. Since walking for dogs is the most important physical activity, which is irreplaceable, it must be performed regularly. They are actually very similar to you because almost the same things will happen to them as to you if you were without any physical activity. On the other hand, man is an independent being who moves every day and has work tasks that he fulfills during the day. Dogs are dependent on you and if you lock them in the house they will not have the opportunity to perform physical activities. In this way, there are negative consequences that affect their psychophysical health.

That way, they will be healthy and happy for a long time. This is especially important for dog owners who do not have a yard because such dogs cannot run whenever they want. However, if you have a yard, you need to motivate your dog to be active. Just like people, they also need motivation. That’s why it’s important to play with them because they can’t have fun alone. In addition, give them something to do and you will positively affect their health and mood. It is important not to overdo the activities and exercise in very young dogs/puppies. In addition to bodily injuries, a dog can become overly irritable, demanding, and even aggressive.

The mood of the dog

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Did you know that your dog is sometimes bored? They are bored when they have nothing to do when they are alone or they are indoors for too long. When they are in such a mood, they can do great damage to your home, but they can also become aggressive. It can also lead to very bad behavior. Remember that any dog with excess energy will find something that will work. If you don’t walk him regularly, and he’s been in the house for a long time, he’ll probably scratch your door or something.

The same thing is with toys because most dogs that do not have toys available will take your shoes and start biting furniture, or some other objects that can be easily reached. Things like this will entertain him quite a bit, but you probably won’t. So help him expend his energy in a healthy way. If you have just acquired a dog and a small puppy, then the need for going out and walking is more common. They are most active in that period, but you need to teach him and defecate outside. Then the need for going out and walking is more frequent. One of these daily walks should be a bit longer, from twenty minutes to half an hour.

Social maturity of dogs

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Another bad thing that can happen to them is a lack of social maturity. The walk is also an opportunity to help your friend hang out with other dogs. Many dogs encounter difficulties when it comes to relationships with other dogs. For example, you can organize a small group for a walk that you will arrange with your friends. It can also be neighbors who also have dogs. This is especially recommended for dogs that are prone to destructive behavior, barking, and anxious behavior. If you do not take them to an environment where other dogs are, they can often become aggressive.

Instead of constantly reprimanding him in situations where he behaves badly, simply takes him for a nice walk in which he will make friends. Your dog may not be taught to be sociable, but you can easily change this to eliminate potential problems. He must learn acceptable ways of social interaction with new animals. In addition, it is a way for him to build self-confidence and not be afraid to make new friendships later. Just like children who have to learn to behave with other children in order not to have problems at school.

Dogs and the environment

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Another thing your pet needs to learn is to behave in the environment. Since every dog is curious by nature, he will constantly explore. After a while, exploring your own backyard becomes quite boring. If you walk your dog regularly, he will have the opportunity to explore outside the yard.

That means they will walk around and watch, smell, and hear new things. All this is an opportunity to learn about his surroundings. It is important that you change the places where you take your pet so that you can learn a lot more. The level of stimulation will always vary and that is why the new roads will certainly be more interesting compared to the usual places and roads that are always the same.


So, dog walks are an everyday and unavoidable thing that is not thought about too much. Of course, some dogs need to run out and spend with them once a day and an hour or two outside, some dogs are less demanding. So try to keep walks in accordance with weather and other factors, but never forget how important walking is for your furry friend.

We hope these tips are helpful for you, just remember to get a high-quality leash like the ones you can find on Neewa to prevent your buddy to run away.