Can You Cut Stencils With a Laser Engraver – 2024 Guide


Stencils are patterns that are used to transfer the exact shapes to a paper or other surfaces. They are made from different materials, like thin plastic, metal foils, or thin wooden boards. Shapes are cut in the plate, so you can create a pattern.

Most of the time, you will need a laser stencil cutter, so you can create it properly. Owning a laser-cut machine is not something we all have. Sometimes, you will need to ask a friend to do that stencil cut for you. It’s not that hard to learn to do this, even if you have your own cutter.

But, you need to pay attention to these things too:

  • The type of the material
  • The shapes you want
  • The overall cost
  • Can the design be done by a cutter?

Here are the benefits of using a laser cutter for your stencils:

  • You can create exceptional artwork
  • You can apply your art on different surfaces, as needed
  • Apply different colors and shapes
  • You can create artwork even when you are not experienced in the art
  • Increased aesthetics to your handmade products
  • The unique appearance of the designs

What is the best material to use?


For laser cuts, you can use paper and cardboard, but they are not durable. Sometimes, polyester film or thin metal sheets are used, for a consistent result. You only need to see if the price and thickness work for you.

Depending on the cutting machine, you will also have to pay attention to the thickness of the materials, because it won’t always work on all of them.

As you can see, in case you want to make stencils, you need to have a laser cutting machine.

But the big question was, can you achieve the same effect with a laser engraver?

The answer is that you will generally not be able to achieve a precise cut, as engravers are actually designed to scratch the surface of the material rather than cut it. Therefore, you need to know what you want to achieve in order to use the right machine for that purpose.

The laser cutter penetrates the material, no matter how thick, and leaves the given shape in it. But when you engrave something with an engraver, then it does not go that deep. Maybe if you try deep engraving, you will be able to cut a piece of thin material. However, we would recommend that you use these machines appropriately for their intended purpose.



When working on a project like this, it’s good to know what your goal is. Choose the right materials for your new artwork. Stencils are easy to make if you have the right equipment. But in any other case, we would recommend you to use suitable machines. Improper use can damage them, and replacement and repair are often too expensive to afford.

We hope that you understand the struggle and that we highly recommend using the proper gear for any artistic project you may have – even though you own powerful machines. You may have great ideas, but most of the time, the risk is not worth it.