Dog Kennel Design Ideas for 2024 ─ Creating A Safe And Comfortable Space For Your Furry Friend


Do you want to create a safe and comfortable space for your dog? If so, building a kennel is the best option for you. As there are numerous kennel designs, you might get confused about which one to choose. Therefore, we have prepared this article to provide some steps to create a perfect space for your pet.

Dog kennels are beneficial in many ways. They keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding your dog once you have created the same. While choosing a kennel design, you have to keep some things in your mind. For instance, the most significant one is the size. Your pet won’t fit in all the kennels. So, you must pick the size according to the dog’s body size.

Nowadays, single-dog kennels are trending because they are affordable, unique, and available in different designs. You can find them in most online and offline stores. However, consider important things when deciding on a particular one.

You might be eager to know the best dog kennel design ideas. So, let’s not waste more time and start with the same.

What Are The Different Ways To Create A Perfect Dog Kennel?

Every pet requires a space to sleep and rest. It is not only for the benefit of the pet but also for yourself as an owner. When designing a dog space, you can consider diverse ideas. They are as follows-

1. Select an A-frame Home

It looks adorable, especially if you build it for your furry pet. Many DIYs are available for you to follow. However, you can also get ready-made ones that are easier to assemble.

A-frame dog homes are comfortable for almost every breed. Still, you need to research well regarding the size. It is one of the most important things to consider. Apart from that, you need to think about how your pet will sleep inside it. Some people consider getting a blanket because it is a good option.

The best part about A-frame homes is that they are easy to construct. You have to get the suitable materials to start the procedure.

2. Addition of a Roof Deck

If you want to provide an excellent kennel for your pet, you can consider adding a roof deck. The benefit of it is that your pet can choose whatever space it wants to rest. They enjoy having two parts in a home rather than only one. Therefore, you must consider the same.

Sometimes, dogs get fed up with sitting all the time inside the kennel. But with a roof deck, everything becomes more fun for them. For example, if pets want privacy, they can stay inside. At other times, they can enjoy themselves on the roof deck.

3. Outdoor Shelter Homes

You can also create an outdoor home for your pet. Many dogs like to spend time outside, and these homes offer the same. If you think that your pet will love this kind of house, you should choose it.

You can also find these types of kennels in offline and online stores. A little bit of research is all you need to do.

Outdoor homes are beneficial for both owners and dogs. The owners can watch their pets while they rest in the shelter. And the pets always love being outside. So they don’t feel annoyed while resting.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Kennel


It might seem surprising, but you can also design a house with indoor and outdoor spaces. Your pet will never be disappointed by being in a home with outdoor and indoor spaces. The most significant benefit of it is that your pet can decide where they want to sleep and rest.

The only disadvantage of creating this type of home is that you need a larger area to place it. If the area is not an issue, you can proceed with this design. Your pet will love being in this type of home. So you don’t need to think about it a lot.

5. Two Doors or Openings

You can also build a kennel with two doors. The most significant advantage of having two doors is making space for more than one pet. They can get comfortable and enjoy resting in the house as there will be a lot of space inside it. Two doors make it confident for the pets to get outside of the home whenever they want without any problems.

Some people also divide a big door into two parts. If you cannot build two doors, you can opt for this idea. It is more convenient. But it is only possible if the original door is enormous.

6. Create a Tepee

Tepee has become a significant dog house if you want to assemble it indoors. There are many advantages of using a Tepee. You can keep it anywhere in the house.

Your dog will like this kind of home because it is cozy and comfortable. It also looks excellent indoors because it gives an aesthetic look. So you don’t have to worry about it messing up your interior. It enhances it well.

If you don’t want to create a tepee yourself, you can also buy one. These houses are readily available in the market. But consider a few things before deciding on a particular one. Otherwise, you might end up getting the wrong one.

7. Keep Potted Plants on the Rooftop

Dog houses with inaccessible rooftops look empty. But you can modify it by adding potted plants. The best ones are indoor plants because you can care for them without much effort.

Potted plants on your pet’s house are a new way to improve your home’s look. These look unique and aesthetic, and you can match the design with your interior.

The Bottom Line

Dog kennels come in numerous designs. Therefore, selecting one becomes more challenging. We hope the above ideas helped you find a suitable design for the dog house. You can get some inspiration from them and start searching for a suitable one.