Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas and Preventive Strategies

Car Accidents

Car crashes are pretty common in Texas. Every year, thousands of deaths and injury cases are reported. Many cities like Houston are considered dangerous because it has the highest number of accident-reported cities.

Nowadays, people pay attention to accident stats through City-Specific Accident Statistics in Texas and care for themselves on the roads. But before you take preventive measures, you must know about the common reasons why car accidents happen in Texas.

This write-up will explain why car crashes happen in this US country. Once you know the causes, you will work on preventive strategies and keep yourself safe on roads and highways. You can protect yourself from becoming a car accident victim and get legal help when you get stuck in any situation.

Causes of Vehicle Crashes

1. High Speed

High Speed

Many drivers drive their cars at high speed casually on highways. But it is a common and dangerous reason why car crashes happen in this state. A little mistake can cause severe accidents or death.

When you are in a hurry, you increase the speed of your vehicle and drive recklessly. This way, you disobey road rules and put yourself in a hazardous situation. While moving fast, you hit the object severely and get badly injured.

2. Distraction

Many ways can distract a driver, like texting or calling on a smartphone, eating snacks, listening to music, talking, etc. These distractions can ruin the driver’s concentration level, leading to an accident.

It is difficult for a distracted person to keep an eye on the road and focus on perfect driving. Due to little mistakes, severe crashes can happen, and one will face real issues. Therefore, it is better to avoid distractions to drive safely.

3. Inappropriate Lane Changes

Lane Changes

Getting stuck in traffic is a frustrating situation for every driver. But many people lose their heads and struggle enough to avoid traffic. They try to change lanes inappropriately and collide with other vehicles in a hurry.

They lose their calm and move towards another lane without checking the space, timing, or giving any signal. It is necessary to check the blind spots and be cautious while changing lanes in traffic or on smooth roads.

4. Drunk or Drowsy Driving

Drunk or Drowsy Driving

Everyone knows the consequences of drunk driving, but not many people bother. When you drink alcohol and drive, your mind and reflexes slow down. It reacts quickly in an emergency, and a driver starts making mistakes.

For perfect driving, a suitable concentration level and mental energy are required. If you are not resting enough or feeling drowsy, you will not feel energetic, and it will also restrict your driving skills.

5. Tailgating

It is necessary to maintain space between two vehicles while driving and halting. A car crash is common when you keep your car close to another without leaving enough space. In such a situation, you need to apply emergency brakes whenever required. But if you cannot react quickly, your vehicle collides, and everyone inside will get injured.

6. Road Rage

Road Rage

Many drivers get aggressive while driving and increase their speed to compete with other people. Driving with frustration will let you lose control of your car, leading to accidents. Instead of competing with others or driving aggressively, keeping your mind cool and focusing on yourself is better. If anyone provokes you to increase speed, you can ignore the person or situation.

7. Lack of Experience

Many drivers need to be more experienced to drive safely on highways. It takes time and practice to improve driving skills. Many beginner drivers need to correct their mistakes and attempt to drive on busy highways.

It is not easy for them to deal with every situation; in the end, they lose control. When you gain enough experience, you must step forward to drive on busy roads with expert guidance.

8. Driving Wrong Way

It is common for drivers to drive in the wrong direction due to a lack of experience, traffic, fatigue, etc. Doing this after ignoring the traffic sign or guidance can be dangerous.

Two vehicles can collide and lead to severe accidents if one person drives in the wrong direction. Instead of losing patience, you must continue driving on the available path and stay calm until you reach your destination.

9. Driving Defective Vehicle

Driving Defective Vehicle

If your vehicle is defective or not in good condition, it leads to a crash. Before you take your vehicle out on the roads, check the car’s overall condition. You need to react quickly in many situations, but machine components do not work appropriately.

This way, you cannot protect yourself, and a collision will happen. Many components failure, like brakes, airbags, engines, steering wheels, etc., can make you lose your life.

10. Poor Condition of Roads

An accident can happen if you are driving on narrow lanes, roads with potholes, or other damaged surfaces. Precipitation like rain or snow can make roads slippery, and stopping or driving appropriately is challenging.

You must be cautious while driving on poor-conditioned roads. You can often not avoid car crashes and suffer too in such a situation. Therefore, you must be careful while driving on hazardous surfaces.

Preventive Strategies

driving car
  1. You must drive slowly and obey all the traffic rules.
  2. It is necessary to keep your mind calm in every situation.
  3. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions.
  4. You must provide a signal before taking any turn or changing the lane.
  5. It is essential to maintain a distance from other vehicles and drive safely.
  6. You should not move when you are drunk or feeling drowsy.
  7. Follow all the traffic lights and signs.

The Bottom Line

In Texas, thousands of car crashes happen due to mentioned reasons. Many inexperienced people make mistakes, but many drivers disobey road rules. While driving, it is necessary to be alert and safe.

Gaining enough driving experience before taking your vehicle on the road is crucial. You must follow all the preventive measures to avoid road accidents and stay safe in every situation.