Can an Overactive Bladder Be Cured? 6 Things to Know


There are many conditions that our bodies can start suffering from. One of those that top the list as most uncomfortable but not life-threatening is of course overactive bladder. Have you heard of it? It is defined by an unexpected urge to urinate. It’s uncomfortable, you can’t control it, and it happens frequently. The lack of control is what makes it so difficult to handle. It is usually the product of various infections, injuries to your abdomen, nerve damage, or misuse of various fluids and medications.

No one who suffers from this condition is having a good time. They only have one thought. Can it be cured? This is a fine question. What’s not so fine is the answer we have. The answer is no. You can’t cure this condition. AOB is known as a permanent disease that is there to stay once it happens. But, don’t start crying straight away. There is also good news. While it can’t be cured there are ways to mitigate its symptoms. That’s right, it can be managed. The most common ways of doing this are via medications, various behavioral therapies, changes in your lifestyle, and as a last resort surgery.

For most people the best, and of course the easiest route to take, is to start taking medications for overactive bladder. The moment you start feeling the symptoms of this condition you need to take action. It is quite uncomfortable to live with this condition. Not being able to control your urination process is not a nice feeling by any means. So, what you need to hear at this moment is precisely which medicine can help. Let us tell you that Myrbetriq is one of your best options. The next thing you’ll want to know is the Myrbetriq 50mg price and if you can afford it. Well, that’s up to you to decide, but as a solution, it’s as good as one can get.


As we said, there are a few perks to having this condition, and we’re not exaggerating when we say there is none. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get educated on the subject. After all, an overactive bladder is quite a well-known condition. But, it won’t be a bad idea to tell you a few things about it that are vital to know.

6 Things to Know About OAB

As we said, this is a quite common condition. One that has been around and will be around in the future. That’s unfortunate but that’s how things stand. All we can do is to try and educate more people on this subject. It is never bad to know too much, especially when we’re talking about health issues. So, what’s there to know about an overactive bladder?

It Can’t Be Cured


That’s right. This condition has no cure as of now. We are not sure how far in the future this problem will be solved. It is a condition that affects both men and women, so finding a permanent solution would benefit humanity. As for now, we are stuck with it.

It Can Be Managed

Here is some good news. While uncomfortable and not curable conditions they can still be managed. There are medications you could use, and they have been proven to help greatly. We already suggested some in the paragraphs above. In addition to going on the pharmaceutical road, you can also alter the consequences of OAB by changing your lifestyle or undergoing behavioral therapy.

Frequency Matters


When you start reading this article you might start getting a feeling that you have these issues. It is normal to urinate eight times during one day. But, some people do it a dozen times. It is an individual thing. But, if you start feeling that you’re heading to the bathroom a little bit too much you should ask for medical help. Getting up a few times at night to urinate or not being able to control the process are just some of the signs that you might have this issue. It’s one you do not want to neglect. Take care of it.

It Doesn’t Come With an Age

When people start feeling OAB they tend to believe that it has something to have with their advanced age. That’s not the case. Yes, with old age we are more prone to various urinary and kidney issues. But, if it’s something that keeps us up at night it’s not part of aging. You need to see a doctor before you pinpoint urinary issues to being old. OAB happens to both men and women as we already said. But it doesn’t come with age. It is more likely that it will be a consequence of some hormonal change or issues such as enlarged prostate.

You Can’t Hide It

This is the truth. It’s not a sad reality to have an overactive bladder. It is simply a  reality. So, don’t even try to hide that you have this condition. You need to be open to both your doctors and your close friends and family. This way you’ll avoid any uncomfortable situations that could arise from hiding the truth. Also, everyone around could help you mitigate the symptoms. With a condition like this one, it is always wise to have more people on your side. Sometimes it takes a team effort to live through it.


It’s a Signal For More Severe Conditions

OAB doesn’t come on its own. It is rarely a cause-and-end solution for itself. In the majority of cases, it can show you that some serious issues are at hand. Sometimes it can be a form of a neurological disorder. In the worst-case scenario, it can show you that you have bladder cancer. This is why it is important not to hide that you have this condition. Seeing a doctor can save you a lot of future trouble. For one, you will be solving your initial issues. Urinary issues are serious on their own. But, it’s also important that you’ll be ensured that nothing bigger is lurking behind the horizon.