From Sunrise to Sunset: The Best Times to Capture Blue Ridge Mountains


Photography is an art that focuses on capturing real-life moments and colors onto a sheet of paper. Sunrise and sunset is the time of the day which is mainly photographed for their beautiful rising and drowning colors. While these moments are perfect for photography, there are other times of the day as well when one can take breathtaking photographs. This time is determined on the basis of the weather and location and also on the after work of the photograph.

Blue ridge mountains are beautiful mountains where hardly any part of the place is blocked throughout the year. Any fine art landscape photographer would want to take advantage of the chance to add this place to their portfolio. Please read below to learn about the best times to visit the blue ridge mountains to capture its beauty.

Best Time Of The Day To Capture Blue Ridge Mountains


The best time to click a photo in the Blue Ridge mountains is decided by what kind of photograph you want to click. In case you need to know what you want to click or want to capture the landscape, there are a few times in the whole day when you can click the best pictures. The early morning and the golden are the best times to photograph in the Blue Ridge mountains. During this time, the photographer does not encounter harsh sunrays and hot winds; these things can cause the photographer significant discomfort.

Being comfortable is necessary when clicking photographs, which is why the golden hour is considered the best time for clicking photographs. Also, during this time period, the photographs clicked have a good color scheme as, during this time, yellow and blue lights are balanced. You must remember that the photographer should have patience and wait for the right moment instead of going by the clock for the right time.

Another time you can capture alluring and fascinating photographs is a few hours before sunrise and after sunrise. During this time, the sun’s rays are gentle, due to which the colors aren’t imbalanced. It helps in capturing the color of the whole background more uniformly instead of the harsh tones.

Best Time Of The Year To Capture Blue Ridge Mountains


Knowing the best time of the day to capture the beautiful scenery of blue ridge mountain is beneficial. But if you know the best time to visit Blue Ridge mountains in the year to capture photographs as well, it would step up your photography game here. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a beautiful collection of mountain ranges, plants, flora, and fauna. The best time of year to visit the blue ridge mountains to photograph its beauty is in the months of spring and fall.

Usually, photographers can easily find pleasant weather and beautiful flora throughout the year, but in the months of spring and fall, they are at their peak. In spring, one can easily find flowers that are blooming or just ready to bloom anytime soon. Nearly all wildflowers and spring festivals are in full hype for their beauty and enriching experience. You can find some moments worthy of capturing in summer, but this time is usually avoided due to the heat and crowd.

There are already gusts of calm wind in fall, which help the photographers avoid heat strokes. Along with that, the whole blue ridge range gets covered in fall shades. Generally, during this time, many photographers visit blue ridge; therefore, there are going to be crowds there. In winter, many attractions are closed, but places where you can take photographs, are mostly open.

Things You Can Do In Blue Ridge Mountains


The massive number of people visiting the blue ridge mountains every year creates economic opportunities for various people. These opportunities help people find ways to enjoy themselves on a work trip or a vacation. There are many attractions and places to visit and admire the beauty of the blue ridge mountains. But there are places where you can purely have fun after clicking your photographs. Please read below to learn more about them.

●  Biking Trails

You can find a good biking trail in a rural corner of the blue ridge. This bike trail goes through the mountains, farmlands, and famous roads not too densely packed with people. These trails are corridors turned into open tracks for all types of cyclers and enthusiasts. Photographing such beautiful places with the smiles of people biking through the trail is considered to be one of a kind moment.

If you don’t want to bike, you can opt to walk, jog or go for a horse ride instead. You can choose either or all to enjoy the various trails laid in the whole area for the sole purpose of enjoying one’s time and the scenery around them.

●  Swimming

Especially in the hotter months in the blue ridge mountains, people can slide the rocks and dive into the pools of water. This place, also known as the sliding rock, is used for this purpose. With the cool flowing water and ample time to photograph and have fun, it is one of the best activities here. Visiting such places in the early morning will give you the advantage of photographing and enjoying your time before meeting with the lines of people waiting to slide down the rock.

●  Long Drives

The mountain and the blue ridge roads have unforgettable sceneries that entice people to go for long drives. While enjoying this scenario, you can click photographs, enjoy lunch, and nap along the way as well. The whole road stretches up to 11 miles, including the curves. If you can’t go high enough with a vehicle, you can even go for a hot-air balloon ride to view the highest points with great clarity.



Blue ridge mountains have a vast number of attractions and activities that will keep anyone busy. While you might have to wait to click the proper photographs, you can pass the time by studying the nearby area by car, horse, or on foot. Along with that, to click the best pictures, you would have to wait for long hours to click photographs just before, during sunrise, and after sunset.