9 Best Fishing Road Trips for 2024

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One of the best ways to spend a summer vacation is to hit the road and go fishing. With proper care and a plan, you can hit a dozen fishing spots across the country during one single trip.

The key is to set up an itinerary and to know where you plan to take a break and start fishing by renting or buying a boat. You can check out these boats for sale in the UK. A foreign driver will also need an international driving permit provided by the InternationalDriversAssociation. It’s only valid if you also own a national license and if you have a photo ID with you.

1. Indian River County, Florida

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Indian County coast is also known as the Treasure Coast and that’s a good name for it given how rich it is in fish. It’s the home to game fish that brings in fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

It’s best to move from Blue Cypress Lake to the Ocean and to make as many stops as you can, especially during the summer. You’ll find Marlins, Tunas, Mahi, Groupers, Snappers, Snook, and Bass. The beaches are in pristine condition and you shouldn’t forget to stop and enjoy them between fishing trips.

2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

This is another summer destination that you shouldn’t miss if you’re into fishing. The creeks and the ocean create perfect surroundings for a peaceful but eventful fishing experience. In summer you can find Snappers and Groupers but also Tarpon and Redfish once you move closer to the shore.

It’s also a great place for golfing and it’s the favorite pastime of both the residents and the tourists that come out to fish. There are more than 30 golf courses you can choose from.

3. Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

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A trip up the East Coast isn’t only about fishing. The beaches are pristine, and the downtown life is vibrant and rich. It’s also a hospitable town that’s used to making its living from tourism. All of this means that once you take a break from fishing you’ll have plenty to do to keep yourself occupied.

The area is known for its Bass, Tuna, and Flukes. It’s especially a good idea to visit the area in September when there’s a festival dedicated to seafood, fishing, and all things related to the Ocean and local wildlife. A mile-long boardwalk is also a great place for entertainment of all kinds.

4. Rockland, Maine

The state of Maine is known for its beautiful coastal towns. It’s also a home for Rockland, an amazing fishing town that you need to check out. Rockland is about more than just fishing since it also features local festivals, and has deep roots in the local history and culture.

The area is popular in the angling community and the most sought-after game is Tuna, Striped Bass, and Bluefish. It’s also home to the Lobster Festival taking place every August, which can be the best time to visit. Sailing is also a popular pastime in the area if you have the time and the resources for it.

5. Grapevine, Texas

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For our next trip, we’re going south. It’s somewhere in the middle of the road between Dallas and Fort Worth. Grapevine is still not a top destination and it’s a good thing since you’ll enjoy the trip without having to be bothered by the crowd.

The most popular game in the region is Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Smallmouth Bass. Catfish is probably the most popular game for most visitors and especially so when the temperatures are high in the middle of summer. The area is also known for its wines and make sure you check out the local wineries as you take a break from fishing.

6. Wichita, Kansas

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and it’s known for its museums, galleries, and the great outdoors that brings in most tourists. Local cuisine is also amazing and it’s a complex mixture of southern and Mexican influences.

Blackbird and Sunflower Ponds are the most popular locations for fishing in the area. Catfish and Bass are the game to look for when you’re in Kansas. There’s also a Kansas Fishing Derby nearby and it starts in early June.

7. Fish Lake Utah

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A trip to Fish Lake in Utah is a great way to clear your mind, enjoy the local wildlife, and hike. It’s mostly not a trip for professional fishermen but for those that are in for the serene ambiance and spending time outdoors. The water quality is to notch and it affects the quality of the fish as well.

Angling can be done from the shore, but in summer you should rent a boat and really get out there. Trout and Salmon are the game to look for and they are the reason most tourists come out to the lake.

8. Three Folk, Montana

Summer is the best time to visit Montana, both because of the fishing and because of how beautiful it is. Fishing seasons last from June to September. The four local rivers are all great for avid angling fishermen. Trout is the biggest game you’ll find here.

Missouri Headwater State Park is a great place to visit while you’re there. It was a campsite of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the 1850s so it has deep and important ties to the local community. The visit is made that much better with a tour guide.

9. Westport, Washington

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Westport is the hidden gem of the West Coast. It’s located on both Gray Harbor and the Pacific Ocean which makes it a perfect site for fishing. It doesn’t offer that much in terms of accommodation and entertainment but it’s peaceful and beautiful in the summer and most visitors come there to fish and not much more.

Tuna is the most sought-after gain in this area and there’s a tournament for Tuna fishery in August. This is the busiest season for the region and that can be the time to visit or the time to avoid it, depending on your preference as a traveler.