Best EV Chargers on the Market In 2024


Electric vehicles are becoming a hot commodity in today’s car market. Between rising gas and maintenance costs, legislative maneuvers to limit gasoline vehicle manufacturing in the future, and improved designs with great options packages, it is easy to understand why they are in such high demand. If you are considering an EV purchase, it’s important you understand the additional accessories and creature comforts that make for the best driving experience possible.

The most obvious is an investment in a good charger. Unless you want to keep searching for an EV charger near me whenever you have a low battery, a home station is a must. With it, you can charge overnight and leave home with a full battery every day. Without it, you will need to schedule charging time and rearrange your day to make it work.

Lectron EV Chargers for the Win


Lectron makes the most popular chargers in today’s market, and the biggest reason for that is that the company works so hard to fill every niche. Between standard charging stations at every power level, systems that work with vehicles that require proprietary charging technology, and adapters to make sure you get the best charging experience at all times, you will find practically everything you need from the right Lectron model.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use EV battery charger from a company that designs its tech to work with practically anyone’s design, this is definitely the most popular choice you could make. Of course, it is not the only choice, and there are other chargers out there with the great build quality and wide compatibility.

Get Electric With Schumacher EV Chargers


If the EV charging market is a popularity contest, then Schumacher are the runners-up, but the competition is close. Like in many automotive parts niches, the top competitors are actually neck and neck, with their current designs making the difference in terms of who comes out on top. Schumacher EV chargers are built to work with practically any vehicle, provided you have the right model. Like the competition, they also go out of their way to provide you with everything you need, including upgrades if your garage layout requires a longer EV battery charging cable than most others.

Get Help With the Installation


While there are a lot of DIY home improvement projects and automotive upgrades that you can sharpen your skills on, there are also a lot of them that are better left to the pros. When it comes to high voltage operations, including the possible installation of new breaker circuits, you should probably call in an electrician if you are not already certified yourself. It’s better to risk management at the moment for sure, but it’s also an investment in your peace of mind going into the future.

A good electrician can evaluate your home electrical system and make the necessary upgrades to accommodate your new EV charger with minimal fuss and almost no wait time. For many homeowners, this means adding a circuit that can handle the amperage a charger draws. For some, it means increasing the breaker box capacity. Either way, you’ll be glad you asked the pros to help.