Best Beach Destinations in the US for your Honeymoon

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Weddings are one of the most important events in someone’s life. This marks a new chapter in life where you get to build a new life together with your special someone. But weddings can also be quite hectic. The days leading to the special day itself can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. And what better way to leave the stress behind and just relax than to head to the beach! The good news is you don’t have to leave the country to experience that amazing beach vibe. In this article, we list down some of the best honeymoon beach destinations in the US.

South Beach

First up is Miami’s very own South Beach. This premiere beach is one of the country’s top beach destinations owing to its lively atmosphere. This beach is perfect for honeymooners looking to spend their honeymoon vacation in style and luxury. Honeymooners can spend the day shopping at the various boutiques and shops. Luxury spas are everywhere perfect for a weekend of pampering. The area is also a great foodie’s destination filled with various dining experiences. From fancy high-end restaurants to quaint cafes. But of course, the star of it all is the beach itself. The white sandy beach is a stunner and the surprisingly clear blue waters make you feel like you’re not in the US. If you want a great luxurious experience without hopping on the next international flight, Miami South Beach is a great option.

Santa Monica

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This iconic beach on the west coast is another great choice for your honeymoon getaway. Unlike the bustling city life of South Beach, California’s Santa Monica beach is a laid back peaceful escape. Couples get to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Pacific minus the noisy crowds of other popular beaches. Aside from the quiet beach, the amazing restaurants of Third Street Promenade nearby are great for intimate romantic dinner dates. For the fun-loving couple, head on over to the famous Santa Monica Pier. An amusement park is known for its vintage vibes, arcade games, and amusement rides. The beach is also conveniently located just a few minutes away from other Californian destinations like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Disneyland! You and your partner will never run out of fun things to do on your romantic vacation.

Myrtle Beach

If you and your partner are in for some fun-filled adventure that won’t break the bank, Myrtle Beach has got you covered! Unlike the more popular beaches in the country, Myrtle Beach gives you the same fun experience without the price. Accommodations come in all budget ranges making it one of the most accessible vacation destinations. It’s got great restaurants and spas for honeymooners to enjoy their time alone. Watersports is also a pretty big thing in Myrtle Beach. Some of the popular activities include jet-skiing and parasailing. For the couple who enjoy other water activities can try sailing and go on a fishing excursion. Many rental places also do tours and mini-cruises for a more relaxed experience. Myrtle Beach also has really good inland attractions like museums, parks, and even a Medieval Jousting arena!


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From the Pacific coast, we fly right smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Maui. This Hawaiian island has some of the world’s majestic beaches. Unlike the other Hawaiian islands, Maui serves as the Goldilocks experience. Not too crowded yet not too remote either. Perfect for honeymooners who want to escape the grinds of the city life yet remain an arm’s length away from modern comforts. The island is also known for its flourishing flora and fauna as well as the colorful undersea life. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the islands sought after activities, great for couples who enjoy a bit of adventure. Paddleboarding and kayaking are other popular activities on the island. If you want to try these sports, Kaanapali and Wailea Beach are the places to go.


Another Hawaiian island also tops our list as one of the best honeymoon destinations. Waikiki beach is one of Oahu’s most popular beaches and rightfully so. The beach is alive with beachgoers during the day and the bars come alive at night. Go on a romantic walk on the beach while watching the sunset. Right after that, head on over to one of the different restaurants to end the day with a romantic dinner. Waimea Bay is another must-visit for newlywed couples. Its white powdery sands and the crystal clear waters are a delight to behold. Boardsports like surfing and paddle boarding are a huge deal in Hawaii so it’s a must to try them out at least once (check out GILI Sports for more SUP related information). If you want a more relaxed day with your SO, go hopping on kayaks and enjoy the majestic scenery that Oahu has to offer.

Sanibel Island

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Chill island vibe is Sanibel Islands main draw. This quaint island beach getaway off of Florida is a perfect escape right after any hectic activity like planning a wedding. The beaches, like the locals, are pretty laid back and relaxed a stark contrast to the bustling city just a few miles away. The sandy beaches are filled with shells of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. These same shells are what give this island its unique look and vibe from other famous US beaches. Though pretty chilled, there are several trendy restaurants on the island that offer great food for locals and tourists alike. If you want to have a very private and serene honeymoon vacation with just you, your SO, and the beach then you should check out Sanibel Island.

Outer Banks

This hidden gem on the east coast is a great romantic honeymoon destination that will surely bring you memories unlike any other. Start your days watching the sunrise with your special someone. If you enjoy a bit of history then head on over to the many historic spots in North Carolina such as Roanoake Island, The historic lighthouses and, the hill where the Wright brothers took flight. If you want to get straight to the action, head on over the beaches and enjoy activities like windsurfing and jet skiing. Then finish your days with a fine dining experience by the beach. Enjoy a romantic dinner with the sound of the waves at the distance.